Fusion Gaming Convention 2006 June 30-July 2

Fusion Gaming Convention 2006
Ramada Inn
1927 Franklin Road
Roanoke, VA 24014
**Dates: **
June 30-July 2

We are back for our 2nd year and we got a ton in store for everyone! On top of a weekend full of tournaments we are having a concert with the Neskimos headlining!!! Our website is www.fusiongc.com so go there for more detailed information and see all that we have in store this year!!!

Coming Soon
Halo II
Coming Soon
Standard 2 out of 3 Semis 3 out of 5 Grand Finals 4 out of 7
Double Elimination
Stages chosen at random
Standard 2 out of 3 Grand Finals 3 out of 5
Double Elimination
Round Time is 50 seconds
Stages chosen at random
Weapon Select [OFF]
Handicap [OFF]
Neutral Guard [ON]
Standard 2 out of 3 Semis 3 out of 5 Grand Finals 4 out of 7
Double Elimination
Winner keeps same characters and groove but may change order, loser can change everything
Standard 2 out of 3 Semis 3 out of 5 Grand Finals 4 out of 7
Double Elimination
Winner keeps same characters loser can change everything
No game breaking glitches!!!
Standard 2 out of 3 Semis 3 out of 5 Grand Finals 4 out of 7
Double Elimination
No boss characters
Standard 2 out of 3 Semis 3 out of 5 Grand Finals 4 out of 7
Double Elimination
You cannot win by a judgement!!!
Standard 2 out of 3 Semis 3 out of 5 Grand Finals 4 out of 7
Double Elimination
No Akuma or World Warrior characters
1 on 1 match
Double Elimination
Standard 2 out of 3 Grand Finals 3 out of 5
5 stock with an 8 minute time limit
No items
Stages will be chosen randomly between:
- Fountain of Dreams
- Battlefield
- Pokemon Stadium
- Dreamland 64
- Yoshi’s Story
- Corneria
- Final Destination
Standard and Double Blind character selection rules apply:
Madden 06
Coming Soon
Double Elimination
1st Song chosen by one player
2nd Song chosen by the other player
3rd Song is chosen by roulette
In the case of a tie then the addition of perfects and greats will determine the winner
Magical Drop III
Standard and Semis 2 out of 3 Grand Finals 3 out of 5
Double Elimination
Standard and Semis 2 out of 3 Grand Finals 3 out of 5
Double Elimination
**Mario Kart Double Dash **
Coming Soon
Mario Kart DS
-8-Player Free-For-All-

Races will be run at 150cc
4 Random Courses
Top 4 players advance
In the case of a tie: All players involved with the tie will compete in a single race on a random course to determine their standings

-Cup Selection Tournaments-

Races will be run at 150cc
All 8 Cups will have designated sign-up sheets
Cup will be played with up to 8 players
All 4 courses will be played in order
Top 1-4 player(s) advance
In the case of a tie: All players involved with the tie will compete in a single race on a random course to determine their standings

-Team Balloon Battle 4v4-

Two teams of 4 will compete on three random battle courses
First team to win 2 games advances

-Team Shine Runners 4v4-

Two teams of 4 will compete on three random battle courses
First team to win 2 games advances

All games will be run from a fully unlocked copy of Mario Kart DS
All players must supply their own DS and copy of Mario Kart DS for each game
All characters and karts are available to choose from - You can only play with what you have unlocked

Tournament Entry Fee Per Game:
Halo 2- $10 per person per tournament (ie if you enter 2v2 and FFA then that means $20)
Halo CE- $10
Madden 06-$10
Mario Kart DD and DS-$5
Guitar Hero-$5
Magical Drop III-$5

Pot Break Down:

Schedule is up!!! Check it out at www.fusiongc.com

Empire Arcadia Presents:

(E)mperial Breach
Entry: $20 per team
Prizes: $300 for 1st, $100 for 2nd, $50 for 3rd guaranteed!!!
Check the Empire Arcadia web page for more information about the event!!

Lmao is there gonna be GGxx slash or reload

Ummm… your dates conflict with a bigger tournament in northern VA


You probably should have announced earlier.

“I dont like the look of this”

My head Hurts now…Which 1 do i go 2!!! This 1 has Kof and the other has??? hmmmm what 2 do

Btw, the marvel they’re having is PS2.

The GG that is “tenetive” is XX. Not #R, not Slash.

While they do have KOF 2002, The nova tourney will most likely have KOF XI and NGBC.

The choice is obvious, drive a ton of miles to pay an upfront convention fee to compete in scrubby tournaments with crappy prizes… OR… come up to Nova, shorter drive, better players, real prizes (including a trip to evo), and a better run tournament.

I dont want to get in the middle of this but if you guys have your a tournament running in NOVA thats great but telling ppl that theres an obvious choice and flaming the Fusion tournament and saying its gonna be better ran etc. is wrong. Its messed up that ppl have to chose but hey if ppl want to go to the NOVA one then hey…if ppl want to come to this then hey! If they gotta chose unfortunately they gotta chose. I will say this…organizers from the same state and just in general should have more communication with eachother for events.
Actually there was an conflicting tournament here in New York a couple of months back and actually between me and Justin since we were both running tournaments the same day at different places! lol
VA you guys have alot of good players, ALOT so Im more than certain there will be enough to go around, nothing personal at all btw just stating my opinion on the matter!

Anyway me Justin, Triforce, Wes and some Empire guys will be here. Making preparations as we speak, see everyone there! :slight_smile:


Well, thanks for the compliment on the VA scene Jeron. We take pride in trying to have skills w/o a really big “scene”

But, I’ve seen Empire at alot of these events, such as Magfest and whatnot, but I think you guys have to have some sort of finincial obligation or incentive to be there. B/c honestly, me and my friends drove an hour to Magfest a year or so ago, and besides the Minibosses, it was kinda a waste of a trip. I didn’t even know why empire was there, having to fly or bus from much, much further away.

But, yeah, I’m guessing these fusion guys have been planning this tourney for awhile by the looks of the website, but they JUST now posted on SRK on 5-22. I’ve had my 7/1 - 7/2 tourney posted for weeks. Considering how I browsed every forum to try to avoid conflicting dates, it gets annoying when a tourney pops up in the same state.

Oh, and btw, I thought Justin was going to Australia? Well, that’s what the australians say, anyway.

As for this Convention/Tourney… it would be REALLY nice for them to inform the public as to which tournaments are on which dates. As for my tourney in NOVA, MvC2/A3/SSBM/CvS2/NGBC/and GGXX/ are on Saturday 7/1. T5/SF2AE/3S/SC3/DOA4/KOFXI are on sunday 7/2. Perhaps if those tourneys were held on different days in fusion (since it’s a 3 day event and not 2), then people could try to go to both tournaments for their favorite game.

You make a good point Kof11 hmmm you got my vote

I think, as a common professional courtesy, we VA,MD,(DC?) organizers should actually give each other a PM or call to coordinate. THis scouring the forums method obviously doesnt work. Communication is key.

Well as far as Magfest goes I wanted to go to regardless because I’ve never been to one up until and I’ll go again next year cause its everything that I love about gaming compliled together. Honestly there were about 30 tournaments ran at M4. I ran 9 out of the 30 tournaments which is about 1/3 of the tournaments there and Justin/ Wes/ Triforce ran everything else. Not only did I run the most games but most of the games I ran had 40+ entries like Mario Kart 64 and Tetris Attack. I did this for 3 days!!! I didnt eat, I didnt get proper rest etc. etc…I didnt get paid for running the tournaments at M4 noone from the Empire got paid. So it obviously wasnt about the money. My point is I did it for the love of the scene, not just the fighting game scene but the gaming scene as a whole.

I really would love to go to both and support both but much like how x3o is running his tournament in MD and I really wanted to go because I enjoyed myself at the one held recently, I already made an obligation to go to MidWest… had to chose.
Best of luck with your tournament though I know you’ve held alot of tournaments in VA before!

Oh btw Justin already posted publicly that he isnt able to attend OHN.

Highly agreed! Not only that but just as a sign of respect to yourselves as the organizers and just the community in general. Sometime December I planned to host an event in NYC (Anarcade) I posted on srk and other forums and whatnot and everything was cool, not too long after I posted up my tournament Justin came up with his tournament on the same day to make a long story short at the time we didnt have the communication that we should have had. Your right and thats the general outtake for all this.
Communicate PPL!!!:lovin:

Magfest was the shizznits it was my first time going and i had 2 much fun. I think i played almost every game in that event

Empire going to come and represent that shit.

Actually, it is going to be slash.

Yeah, the conflict of dates SUCKS. Unfortunatly, the guys who run this are the halo crowd and low_tier is the one fighting game representative for the con. It was announced on their webpage about 4 months ago. Unfortunatly no one thought to make a post here until last week. Dropped ball by a lot of people :sad:

The reality of the situation

Much like what I posted about Australia and the situation as to why Justin and Ricky can not go, its just a bad situation that is out of the hands of everyone. Before FGC announced their date they had already asked us to come to their “Gaming Convention” in June. They made this request during M4 while we were there with them running the tournament game room. Little did anyone of us knew that the dates of OHN5 would conflict. When we found out that we had obligations with OHN5 we told the staff at FGC that we could not make it. However if anything came up that would change schedules we would let them know.

With OHN5 now cancelled based on personal situations with Justin and Ricky personal occupation, I called back FGC and told them that we were free for that weekend. Ergo; FGC made their plans in January they were the first. Also, we have a calendar on our site that basically shows where we are going should any community want us to attend. This brings us back to the point that is now made clear. Let’s work together.

As for the matter concerning why we attend conventions. Many gamers have a misconception about the Empire and the members that service its cause. We attend videogame conventions because it is a vital part of gaming culture that needs to be addressed. Much like M4, many thought that we went down there to compete in tournaments. Anyone who attended M4, M3 or M2 would realize that not only do we play in the tournamnets but we host panels to discuss gaming issues, attend other panels on gaming topics and host our annual gaming fashion shows or segments. We address all the elements to gaming not just competition.

Gaming competition is the least of our focus as you can see we perform rather efficiently at tournaments. Our dominance at tournaments automatically creates a negative stigma that attaches itself to the Empire. In order to negate that we have to “SHARE” in other elements of gaming that will show our diverse interest in the Greater Gamer Community and all the elements that make up its culture. Thus Conventions and lounges are vital, for they connect us with the casual gamer. It is those very same gamers that we learn what needs to be done for the community and culture. It is why we go to them. The elite is not our concern, for we see them all the time and all we do is compete. That is not much of a relationship as you can see.

Gaming Conventions that are created by the community of gamers like M4 and FGC is like a vaction for us. A place where we can go and game meet new gamers and just chill. Every now and then we pitch in and help out to make sure that the convention does not collapse and everyone has fun. It is those services that we provide that are the pillars of our company’s foundation. These services are ignored because I guess people just like to see elites beat on the noobs. A misconception that has been placed on the Empire, we are not about destroying noobs, we are about supporting them. We are about destroying elites. Besides, how do you think we get so good at games. Fight those stronger than you, not weaker. The casual/noobs gamers are the ones who populate the community and forge the elements to the culture. Why would we want to put them down. The Empire is here for the gamers not the champions. Do not forget this.

Brett, see you in 29 days. The Empire is coming in a legion. At least 15 plus.

-----I’ll post the article with all the details in a few hours from now----

Updated original post!!

Emperial Breach Details

Okay guys this link gives all the details on how the breach is going to be run at Fusion Gaming Convention.


I’ll love a challenge lol…I know i’ll lose but i challenge all of the empire folks that heading up 2 fusion…imma learn something from you guys but im aiming for 1 win in any game so it’s all gooooood. Another thing are all you guys from Ny?

Yes and no. The bulk of the Empire is from the Empire State however we have members from around the nation and a couple outside of the United States. Some of the members are already in VA, about 4 to 6 of them. However the main bulk will be coming from NYC.

Did you read the rules for the (E)mperial Breach?

Nope i didnt think i did but imma do that right nows