Fustration, balacing trying-to-be-helpful without sticking-your-foot-in-your-mouth


I am sure everyone gets frustrated here on tech talk from time to time, ether with getting or giving help. Other time you just a little too close to starting a flame war.
Like helping that one new guy who quite don’t get it or you try to help someone out but you some how skip all the details and you feel dumb afterwords.

Lately I feel that I causing more confusion than assistance, in a good old Foot-in-mouth syndrome. I was thinking maybe the idea a few months back to stop lurking and start getting involved was a bad idea.

Anyone else ever gets that way?

Also if anyone got any advice or tips in the subject, I would like to hear of it.


If a person has to ask a question, I generally take it to mean that the FAQ didn’t answer it.

That or people are too lazy to read through threads :confused:

But as a true member of Tech Talk, one must follow the ways of jdm714.

Be humble.
Post what you know.
Understand that you know more than others.
Be humble.


its mostly they don’t read through the stickies. Plus the search function on SRK is really crappy


I like your posts. Please don’t stop posting because some jackass argued with you.


Take a break from the boards for a few days… There’s no point in getting upset over what some jerk says.

A bunch of the people who post outside of Tech Talk are teenagers and people with serious communication issues. Unfortunately, they sometimes cross over into the Tech Talk area. You learn to avoid the people who are really annoying after a half-dozen posts or less. People usually show their true colors within a few dozen posts.

Real life isn’t screaming 4-letter words at people all the time or behaving like a jackass.

The point is lost on most people who don’t frequent Tech Talk.

Seriously, it’s not worth it to get frustrated or upset at them because a lot of these people who will never amount to anything.

At the end of the day, we’re just talking about games and electronic equipment – not critical life issues. That distinction gets lost on a lot of people under 25 years old…

I heard that! Seriously, it’s easier to find stuff with Google than the SRK search engine. It got worse after the site redesign last year…


I like the jdm714 quote; these links might also help. These are specific to technical mailing lists, but some of it applies anywhere.

How to answer a question (FreeBSD)

How To Answer Questions in a Helpful Way

Personally, I mainly stick to answering questions or solving problems that I feel I can be especially helpful with, but I do read a lot of questions or problems that I don’t respond to, even when I could. In other venues in work and life I’ve taken the jdm714-like path of literally doing everything I could, burning at 100% all the time, and burned myself out in the process. I’ve learned to let someone else answer when I’m not in the mood, and around here that works just fine. There’s almost always someone in Tech Talk who’ll respond.


The only person I’m mean to, is JDM714.

Because he made a mistake and demonstrated the lack of knowledge of a certain Seimitsu Astro panel.



Okay guys long story short, with the occasional frustration alone may not make me flip out, but the lack of sleep along with it will.
I been up all night playing MvC 3. So Lack of Sleep + frustration = Dark Sakul becoming an angry Grizzly bear (or the Incredible Hulk if you prefer). I am often grumpy in the mornings anyways before my morning cup (or 5) of coffee.

I figured at the time it was better for me to address the issue rather than do something stupid like sulk about it or rage quitting.

Oh by the way thanks guys, I didn’t think this many (or anyone) would respond to this thread.