Futon vs Air Mattess

Hey guys, I’m going to be moving in about a month into an unfurnished one bedroom apartment. I will be living there for 5 months time.

What do you guys think about buying a futon versus an inflatable mattress? Since I’ll be sleeping on it for 5 months straight I’m mostly trying to consider comfort as the highest asset.

The futon will be able to double as a couch which is nice, but I’m not sure how comfortable it will be for sleeping. From reviews I’ve been reading, most of them are saying it’s okay for relatives staying over, but not a permanent bed solution. I’d also most likely have to buy the futon down near my apartment instead of online etc.

The problem I hear with air mattress’ is over time they start leaking (sometimes right out of the box!) Here’s an air mattress I’m considering that looks quite good from reviews (although it has some negative reviews):

Space is not an issue as I will not have much with me and a lot of extra space lol.

What do you guys think?

EDIT: also another consideration is that I will most likely have no use for this after the 5 months are up and I move back to my current residence, where I have a real bed.

Get a futon. It looks better from an interior design perspective, its a couch and you can actually fuck on it. You cant have sex on air mattresses and pumping them over and over again is annoying. Plus if it gets a hole somehow forget about it.

Futons are not the most comfortable thing to sleep on but theres plenty of things you can buy that are cheap to correct that.

Air mattresses are garbage. I’ve never seen an air mattress that could last 5 hours, let alone 5 months.

I have had a lot of air mattress sex…

get the futon.

Futon bro. That way, that one bedroom you’ve got can be used for something else. Nothing is uncomfortable if you sleep in it long enough.

Futon all the way. Air mattresses tend to sink in the longer you sleep on it. Plus they take much longer to set up and take up a lot more space.


Thanks for the advice guys, you make some valid points. Looks like the decision is unanimous across the board for the futon. Now, onto some futon hunting…