Futurama AV request

If anyone can do this AV for me http://www.alexross.com/FUGP30XL.jpg

Basically prem size, and heres the details:

Its gonna be broken down into 6 slides. The first slide would say “Bender “Bending” Rodriguez”

Then a zoom onto Bender’s face then the next slide says “VS”

Then the next slide would say “Dr.Zoidberg” then a close up of Zoidberg’s face.

Then the final slide is just showing the picture. The text for the Bender slide should be something robotic and the text for Zoidberg should be something old school/prehistoric

Thanks to anyone who would wanna try this project out. Will +rep for sure.

Anyone? I’ll wear this AV for a while

I’m guessing this request has been filled? looks at avatar :u: If not, I’ll take a crack at it.