Future EVO and SBO Grand Champion

So adorable, best ending ever


i was actually proud for him to

:lovin: aww - ending was beast

Hahahaha :rofl:

So beastly XD

He’s got a better zangief than bronson.

Splash at the end of the first round was money. Get that kid an agent.

Proof that gief is for scrubs.

Haha, the dad was getting serious at some points, I loved it. Like “OK, really David hit some buttons”

Next generation of hockey dads yelling at their sons from behind.

empty jump suplex ftw :bowdown:

reminds me of the old (I think A3) tourney where Daigo is just beasting on everyone and he’s playing Afrocole and someone screams “Push some buttons, Cole!!”

Great video!

Makes me :smile:

Lol kids gunna whoops ass in a couple of years. U watch.

The kid got scared when pops yelled. NO WAY NO WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

I bet you his dads gonna train him and hes gonna be an evo champ at like…10yrs old??? lol. . . .
I wanna do that to my lil cousin…hmmm :smiley:

:rofl: That’s awesome. I can’t believe he did the double suplex though, this kid’s a born winner.

PS. If that guy ever figured out that he got beat by a 2 year-old…wow.

You do know he was playing another kid over the net right?