Future of Street Fighter 4

Since SSF4 is coming out in about half a year… what do you think will happen with SF4? Will there still be tournaments and if they do will the be less popular or maybe even die out? Like why would people want to play SF4 when SSF4 is out? It’s like playing Halo 3 instead of ODST…

Any ideas? And just wondering who here will continue to play SF4 and SSF4?

I guess there’ll be some people who stick with it. Just like people stayed playing Halo 2 instead of Halo 3, playing ST instead of SF3 etc. I can’t say I will unless SSFIV ends up shit in some way, which I very much doubt.

if SSFIV sucks, i’ll just play ST. only reason to play 4 is because it’s good and people actually want to play it.

The same exact thing that happen with all the other SF games. People will still play them eventhough there is a newer updated version out. You still got people who play 2nd Impact, Alpha 1 and 2, WW, CE. Wasn’t there a 2nd Impact tourney a while back this year? Look through Soh85’s account and you’ll see tourney footage of A2.

I don’t get why this question was asked. The answer is literally “the same thing that happened with the previous SF games”. The most recent game will get more tournaments unless the previous game was THAT much better than the current installment.

Well people play SF4 a lot even though that game sucks, so, my guess is they’ll play this one.

Although SF4 is somewhat complete, the features talked about in SSF4 make SF4 feel like it was Alpha/NG.

So if SSF4 is good, goodbye SF4.

Nah that isn’t accurate. This isn’t true for every game in the same degree. Yeah sure some people play 2I, but you can’t really say the game is “played” per se. Alpha 2 on the other hand, has regular tournaments and a reasonably strong playerbase. Super Street Fighter 2 is similarly unplayed though some cats might play a few games and throw some videos up now and then. CE is strong in Korea, but who the hell plays WW except for shits and giggles?

If SSF4 is better than SF4, I wouldn’t (usually) expect anyone to take the older game seriously anymore. However, there’s the whole matter of arcade/console etc. so its a little more complicated.

Great poll for a SFIV forum…

Yeah. We’ve got four Choices; play a shitty game, play an update to a shitty game, whallow in the utter fail of both or just not play any SF period!

Now that’s a deal. :wow:

Where’s my “the future of SFIV is in the SFIV forum” option?

You have to take into account that for 90% of the people here now SFIV is their first fighter. They are not used to seeing an update to a game and are scared. It’s like they just hit puberty and after learning to jack off with their right hand they discover that the left hand exists and can be used to seem like a “new” or “different” person/experience. It’s a confusing time in their lives.

LMAO. I couldn’t have agreed more.

I’m not expecting Super Street Fighter IV to be perfect, so I’m thinking I might still play the original. “Super” might feel and play different from the vanilla version. I mean I still have and play all the King of Fighters and even the older Street Fighter’s. They’re all different. There’s no reason not to play the original SF IV unless there’s no tournaments for 'em or you’d just rather keep up with the newer one.

Like Hatred Edge had posted earlier…

There’s bound to be people that would rather play vanilla than Super and I’m sure there’d be some people that won’t mind going back to playing vanilla just for fun. And I’ll be there to say, “Hey, I still own the original SF IV. Let’s play!”

Add this post to the long list of reasons why we are platonic soulmates. I have uesd my left hand almost exclusively since I discovered its awesomeness. The right is too “perfect” so there isn’t enough stimulation.

As for the quesetion, it will almost certainly be as people have said… most will move on although SF4 will still be around. If they do it right, there shouldn’t be much of a reason to play SF4 anymore. SSF4 should have all of the good things that SF4 has combined with better balance and new stuff that makes it even better. Should is the key word, of course. If the game is somehow really broken or Capcom manages to FUBAR it somehow (which I doubt but you never know), SF4 might remain the standard.

Whether the game is released in the arcade will also impact its future. If it is console only, I’m sure that some purists will prefer SF4, especially people in places like LA and NYC where there are some who don’t even own the console version.

Well, its so much that as its more that if I wanted to read about SFIV I would actually click on the SFIV subforums. But I dont want to go in the SFIV subforums so I shouldnt have to sift throught SFIV BS outside of there.