Future of wireless peripherals


The Ps3’s wireless controller has ~20 hours of battery life, which makes using it in a fight stick or by itself quite a hazzle…

To the rescue comes Nordic Semiconductors! http://www.nordicsemi.com. They claim to have a battery life spanning up to 10-20 YEARS using 2*AA batteries. On optical equipment (mouses etc) it ofc reduces significantly. They have recently struck a big deal with logitech.

I have a friend who is programming such an RF-module into my custom made fight stick and he promises me at least a full year of gaming until I must replace my 2*AA’s. In addition, the microchip controls a button-LED lightshow (can be turned off) and turbo functions.

Eventually the RF-sender will be in the stick and the receiver will connect to Ps3/PC with a usb dongle like this:


Makes me kinda optimistic towards future wireless devices…


What about lag?


~1ms lag. Depends on the traffic intensity around the device (wifi etc)