Future Predictions of an unpatched UMvC3

Awhile back when people were going crazy posting tier graphed tier lists from a certain site, Filipino Champ’s stuck out to me; not so much on accuracy, but his comment after

“About the tier list I didn’t really bother placing the other characters from mid tier to low tier… cause they are gonna be irrelevant in the future.”

I like to think UMvC3 is a game where you can play any character, but not any team. Playing as Cap on point, I work excessively hard to compensate for his weaknesses and justify his strengths in a top tier meta. Right now we are seeing UMvC3 starting to form ‘end game’ tech versus early tier predictions like ‘omg Wesker OP’. The strongest tech currently in effect are: TAC infinites, unblockable or hard-to-blockable incomings set ups into TODs, and gimmicks like bullet hell Morri/doom. Strategies that are repeatable and easy to abuse are forming and I’m curious if we will see the competitive roster begin slotting characters into the irrelevant zone because they can’t compete or are out classed in their strengths entirely. I know UMvC3 is all about the craziness, but right now those technologies are beginning to turn the game into first hit or set up opening wins, and no longer give the opponent a chance to play after the first mistake. I’m mostly agitated by the strength of incoming set ups right now. I feel I’m not playing, but guessing and the reward is too great when TODs are so easy to create for little scenario specific reasoning like excessive meter.

Thoughts on the UMvC3 future endgame? Will we survive these technologies or will the game force people into narrow teams that must do certain things to compete?

this looks identical to the tier list i made.

I still easily put Zero above Vergil. Vergil has neutral game derp and XF3 rapid slash…but at least I get to play after being hit. Everytime I lose to zero after the first hit, I feel I’m flipping coins, not skillfully reacting to set ups and pressure. I really wish incoming confirms had a damage/hitstun penalty like throws do, simply to eliminate TOD’s off unavoidable set ups but not deny the attackers deserved advantage.

Champ’s list sucked when he first tweeted it and it still sucks now.

I don’t agree with the list, just his response on end game brings a debate to question.

His MorriDoom matchup list was pretty april fools.

You won’t get to play every team you want. Though the upper half of the cast with a strong shell behind them will stay viable towards end game.

Seeing how lazy people are with this game…we won’t see end game until Marvel 4 any way.

Do you think people are lazy because of Chris G or because you actually see the real players around you being lazy?

They’re lazy because the game is designed poorly in the sense that it allows really basic teams to do a ton of damage and kill in one combo very easily. Which means people aren’t really advancing tech like they should because of the high of killing someone in one combo. Problem is Chris G has figured out it’s more important to create teams and tech that allow you to not get hit to stay more consistent. Until more people create teams designed around not getting hit, the meta won’t advance too much past Morri/Doom.

Morri/Doom isn’t the only team that can flood the screen with stuff and or become extremely difficult to land a clean hit on. It’s just people will believe that for now until those other teams come into fruition.

Hmm interesting, do you have any theories on what teams could pop up in the future that will shift the metagame like Morridoom?

Morridoom is Sentinel and CapCom. All we need is a Cable to counter her. Too bad cable is not here.

…But Cable is here

This guy will be Evo champ 2013.

IMO MorriDoom is close to being countered. Right now people are not willing to try the team themselves in training mode. Astral Vision is inherently difficult to counter because shit hitting us from behind screws with our heads. Once people learn to chicken guard/pushblock the fireballs behind them without taking damage I think it’ll be easier to get in.

Not sure how chicken blocking fixes that…Kinda the issue is you block forever and just feed meter back into her to repeat. Also pushblocking only negates some damage and not on the 1st hit (meaning every time you break block stun it no longer reduces). Missiles trap you from super jumping and pin you down to force you to start blocking again.

Only way to beat morridoom is to suffocate her with pressure (meaning dont walk backward at that start when you’re fucking zero >_<!), punish her with invincible moves or stronger projectiles, or stop her before she starts. Once she gets going, exhausting her meter for astral vision is VERY difficult.

Actually, Morrigan has the 7th fastest walk speed, meaning she can outwalk Wolverine, Zero and the like. Magneto has a better chance but not necessarily a better pressure than Wolverine or Zero.

Morrigan can stop aggressive characters in her tracks with jump back, fireball L, fly cancel, dash away, call missiles

jump upforward twice at the start of the round if shes walking back. If she jumps back to fireball while calling missles, jump up and block it without pushblocking, counter call the doom assist and plink dash after her. Punish the shell kick by either making it whiff so that you can setup or hit it with the edge of a disjointed hitbox. So many counters to this character aren’t applied properly yet. To stay on topic, it’s a marvel game, there will be a top tier group in the end. Mid tier is really strong in this game so it’s going keep evolving.

top tier dominating is nothing new to fighting games. im more concerned with everyone playing zero and being 100% on LLs in the future. 90 second matches with only 1 player pressing buttons. that is more boring than morrigan.

also i wouldnt call morrigan a gimmick

Honestly… I’m at the point where I believe that the true problem is not so much the character choice or a simple alteration of a person’s existing play-style. The problem lies with the fact that people are going to have to think critically about EVERY move they make at the start of a match (or the entire match possibly) if they want a chance at victory.

This sounds like every fighting game ever so specifically what I mean is literally EVERY move from deciding to move forward/neutral at the beginning of the match to advance guarding the 9th rapid slash for a counter after NOT advance guarding the prior 8; yes that deep of thought. One mistake or miscalculation has the possibility to completely shut off the game for you or open a single hole for a ONE time attempt at changing something. Problem is the game is so fast unlike say SF 4 that it’s SOOO easy for this to happen it’s near impossible (i.e. Vergil x factor rapid slash). At that point the game is going to be play these characters who have the most chances at blocking AND being offensive with very little effort and room for error.

yay… fun future for all of us…

Welcome to high level mvc2 game play. This game will end up the same.

I can’t wait.