Future Tone Arcade Controller for PS4


Hey y’all

In the little research into building a Arcade Stick I’ve done I have seen this forums name come up a ton; so I thought I’d come get some help from y’all. I’m basically looking to build a Arcade Stick for the PS4 port of a rhythm game called Hatsune Miku Future Tone. Ideally I want it to look as close as the actual arcade game controller as possible while being able to comfortably fit in my lap. I’d like it to be able to navigate the PS4 dashboard too.

Actual arcade cabinet controller:
The multicolored bar at the top is a touchpad for drag notes on the arcade version of the game. In the PS4 port you can remap buttons, so I’m thinking having L1 and R1 buttons above the buttom buttons (triangle, x etc). The L1 and R2 buttons need to be easy to hit though, but also smaller than the buttom buttons.

Most of these come closer to the DS4 layout rather than the arcade layout I’d like though.

Here’s some gameplay too:
I need to be able to reach the buttons pretty quickly.

I have no clue how I’m going to go about doing this so I’d really appreciate any help you guys can give me.

Thanks in advance.


so would the project diva x controller work for this?


The Project Diva X controller would be perfect for what he’s after I would have thought. You can remap the controls to recreate the arcade buttons as well

The arcade machines use 100mm buttons which means the the controller would have to be at least 40cm wide if faithfully recreating the arcade setup, probably plus 10cm so to add tolerances on the side at which point it’s not something you can use on your lap


Thanks for your responses guys. I also understand that the Project Diva X would work with the game, but I’d much prefer making one to the style of the original arcade cab. My brain finds it hard to register and tap out the combo notes the way the DS4 and Project Diva X controller is laid out. If I have to sacrifice it being able to be played on my lap, that’s fine with me. I’m also thinking if it would be feasible to make a smaller sized arcade style controller? Or, would a cheaper fight stick, let’s say a venom; would that be comfortable enough and responsive enough to use on project diva?


You could always just get the PDX Hori controller, gut it and then put everything in a wooden box that has your desired layout.


That would rack up a lot of unneeded expense though. The PDX controller is £100+ just by itself.


You’ll probably be spending that much on parts along for a custom build anyway. A single OBSA-100UMQ push button will go for £27 alone.


Huh? Buying a Project Diva X controller to gut it and build a custom controller would cost much more than actually building one from scratch surely?..


It depends what you are going for.
I did something similar to get a custom Hrap Twin Stick rather than ordering the ones that were Japan only exclusives
In the Long run I ended up spending more money.

I understand that the original Project Diva X controller got some Quality control issues, I could be wrong.

I know if you want a Quality POP n’ Music Controller now you pretty much have to go the DIY route, the retail small-sized home controllers are like PS2 era Mad Catz game pads, break at the slightest touch.


If you don’t like the Project Diva X button layout then why not rewire or move the buttons into a standard layout? If they’re standard Sanwa buttons then they’d be easy to remove, and the only problem might be the wire lengths. I have read some reviews and the buttons seem to be low quality however

I’m in the process of building a full size arcade replica (within limits, the touchpad is impossible to easily replicate) but the buttons are extremely expensive, the 100mm full size buttons are around 3000-4000 yen each and the 60mm buttons (which are the next size down) are around 3000 yen each. I don’t know if anyone offers dome style buttons in 30mm sizes either


I gotcha bro!

Just keep in mind that the BOM alone is $400+

Also Fatso666, you keep showing up everywhere lol.


4 OBSA-100UMQs would cost you £108, which is more than using a Project Diva X controller. That’s not factoring in the cost of things like a PCB - about £50+ if you padhack a Hori FC4, or up to £70 if you go for a Brook UFB.

With a Project Diva X controller, you get all of the above for only £80, meaning you can spend the rest of your money on the casing.

Remember, CUSTOMS ARE NOT CHEAP. As a general rule, customs are the most expensive option for building an arcade controller these days.


When I research something, I tend to go to great extents >_>

The buttons for my controller currently total around £280 alone, that’s 4 100mm buttons, 4 60mm buttons, 6 30mm buttons and 3 24mm buttons. You would only get it under £100 if you swapped all the buttons for a bunch of standard 30mm arcade buttons rather than the dome buttons used in the arcade.


Not at all =)



Yeeess, thank you so much. This is exactly what I was looking for.


Does anyone know where to get button artwork similar to the project Diva controller?


If you look on my instructable you will see the set I made, it is on one of the steps. It’s not exact to the arcade but it is pretty close.



Here’s some gameplay too:


This is the type of game that turns dudes in ladyboys; please play beatmania instead.

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I am new with trying to make my own arcade stick. I am planning to use a ps3 controller as the pcb for my stick. However, is it possible to add leds to the stick if I have a ps3 controller as my pcb? And how do I actually try to wire it? Can I use a led controller for my arcade stick Like this one http://www.paradisearcadeshop.com/leds/1628-paradise-kaimana-led-controller-pcb.html


To answer sstar986 question… yes, depending on if you are using a wired or wireless ps3 controller for the padhack and what you want those LED to do. Please provide more information so that we can help you.

For the rest of y’all, I would like to announce that I am about 90% complete on my project (waiting on a few little parts now) so you’ll see something posted eventually on the “Check Out My New Arcade Stick!” thread.