Fuudo is the best

Fuudo plays like no other Fei Long. Every other Fei Long is a masher. Fuudo wasn’t even playing Fei Long. It was just 100% yomi. Fuudo’s yomi and fundamentals win over Latif’s sf4 gimmicks. You can’t even learn anything from Fuudo’s Fei Long. His setups and stuff are basic. It’s just pure yomi and superior play. Virtua Fighter is the best game. Fuudo is the Virtua Fighter Master. Fuudo is the best player. He beat Daigo 10-5. Fuudo is the best.

The good guys win. Stream monsters lose. Smart people were rooting for Fuudo. Stream monsters were rooting for Latif.

Fuudo so fucking smart!!!

Nothing to really say here, that’s pretty much it.

are you fricken kidding me… he option select ultra 2 form cr. short. you know how many active frames you have to do that? not many

Oh Rashikal, you’re back? It’s been a while since you last tried trolling the Fei forums.


Edit: To the guy above > Active frames have nothing to do with option selecting.

im not trolling

fuudo is the best

character doesnt matter

Yeah Look at dat latiff and his stupid gimmicks haha =D

… Latiff 4 laif

Real talk, Latif should have realized that EX Sizemo wasn’t working a couple of rounds ago.

Fuudo finally took Fei Long to where he belongs, the summit of the Street Fighter mountain.

It took an underdog to do it. Look at all the haters when Mago uses it and look at the supporters when Fuudo does it.

Fuudo was really amazing. I was one of the guys that never heard of him but now I look up to him.

Congrats to Fuudo, and I agree with the OP. No gimmicks, just solid fundamental play.

I didn’t know you could crowd surf on stream monsters.

fuudo didnt even lose 1 game the entire tournament.

his first evo.

no one cares

3:45 to 4:07 fuudo says “this is how you beat sf4 gimmick mashers”

look at fuudo. he’s godlike.

Fuudo has great execution and knew the Viper matchup very well because his training partner is a Viper. Latif performed incredibly well and had to have been drained after taking out Tokido, and then Daigo & Poongko in immediate succession.

Most definitely, Latif had way too much pressure on his shoulders coming into the grand final, he pretty much stopped thinking and went on auto-pilot shortly after. Fuudo recognized that and shut Latif down immediately, I still think Fuudo is a godlike player and he deserved the win, but I feel that Latif wasn’t performing at his peak level.

If you’re a top VF players I’d expect your fundamentals to be on point. VF is the hardest fighting game in existence, its a shame it took a VF player to play SF to make fools realize they’re sleeping

Other than the possibility of Latif running off a bit too much of the high (exhaustion?) he must of got from overcoming the opponents he defeated, I don’t think anyone was ‘sleeping.’ They seemed anything but.