Asian Harry Potter, confirm/deny?

But seriously, for him to be beasting this much, he needs a nickname or something for 2k12, any ideas?

He needs a nickname? Hmm here’s one how about… Fuudo? Yeah, that works.

Fuudo the Fuudo

Why did you think nobody wanted him to win EVO?

Fuudo was definitely the unknown name among the international players. Who still plays Virtual Fighter 5 anyway? I honestly thought RF or Shiro were going to be the players to take EVO by surprise. Still though, Fuudo’s playstyle was definitely really intelligent and deserved the win entirely. He was probably the only player in top 8 that never threw out reckless mistakes. Instead he stayed calm and abused of every opportunity he got. He played like a true champ!

People from the VFDC do, man. Virtua Fighter 5 isn’t dead by any means.

He’s constantly in top 10 in ae in japan and 2nd best fei long ( going by bb/pp ranking )
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Depends on where you’re looking but in the US…it’s pretty dead. So I wouldn’t say it “isn’t dead by any means”.

You said it yourself: It depends on where you are looking.

I go south of the border a lot. Places like Los Angeles, New York, and Houston have small groups that get together on occasion. Hell, worldwide people do side tournaments for VF. Sure, it’s bigger cities. But I’d hardly call it dead. Maybe ‘if’ Final Showdown comes along, things would slowly start to pick up.

But I’m happy that Fuudo won. Japan’s finest VF player worked hard for it. I can’t wait to see how he’ll do at the next tournament.