Fuuka Taisen: A Mai Hime-themed fighter

Judging by the fact that doujin fighters are getting quite a bit of play here, as well as “loli” games seemingly being okay as well, I thought it was all good and fine to post this here, especially since it hasn’t already been posted, it seems.

http://img405.imageshack.us/img405/340/01sy3.jpg - Title Screen

http://img402.imageshack.us/img402/8354/02dw6.jpg - Char select screen (from demo)

http://img405.imageshack.us/img405/7743/03za8.jpg - Mai vs. Akane

http://img405.imageshack.us/img405/6407/04fp0.jpg - Natsuki sending her “Child”, Duran to do her bidding

^ You-tube vids.

Any way, as you can see this is another interesting doujin game that’s set to release some time this spring, with the art for the characters being done by the same bloke who does the Megaman Zero/ZX character art.

What makes this game interesting, first and foremost, is the graphical quality, in the youtube videos below, you’ll see that the backgrounds themselves are 3D, but that’s not all. You’ll also see the girls fly around and rip up up parts of the scene in a dynamic fashion when they’re sent careening through the dirt! :wgrin:

What’s also interesting is the whole “Child” dynamic. It gives off a sort of “JBA Stand” thing, but I’m sure that’s just what I can conclude this early in the game.

If there’s anything that I may not like all that much from the outset, it’s the speed. It’s a bit slow for my liking, but pals of mine have said that when you play against other people, it does become quite frenetic.

Any way, I’ll be keeping an eye out for this game.

Meanwhile, try to get the demo for yourselves here: http://www.moelicious.be/bt/torrents/[Moe](C71)[Rei_no_Mono]_Fuuka_Taisen_Trial_Version_(img+rr3).rar.torrent


are you sure

JESUS CHRIST. Why are there only 5 characters!?! :wasted:

wow this game looks like its going at 5fps

no it doesnt

i love how the ground breaks apart

very cool~

I think it’s funny how someone thought it’d be a good idea to make Natsuki into Cable, with Strider terapodal panther assist. :confused:

I’ll probably pick this up if it isn’t Enterbrain, kinda getting tired of Enterbrain doujin stuff ( Metal Gun III is still by far the best Enterbrain title )

yeah it falls apart in slow motion

are they all fighting on the moon or something


they are not fighting on the moon

…Did the thing of how I mentioned that this was a DEMO whiz right by your head, or what…? :rolleyes:


Umm…yeah. I didn’t really read all of your post. I just looked at all the pictures. I’m at school right now so I don’t have time to read everything…

Well, let’s put it this way. I can’t go through the official webpage (http://www.icnet.ne.jp/~my_friends/index.htm) and try to find the Kanji matching up to Toru Nakayama.

But in any case, try comparing this:


to all of this:


If that’s some how NOT Nakayama’s art for Fuuka Taisen, then a good job to whomever jocked his style. But it really shouldn’t serve as a surprise, Nakayama’s had a history of working on different “loli-licious” doujin games before, both mild, and much more hardcore stuff.

also this


i dont think the resemblance is TOO blatant but then again it took me a long time to realize that this was the same dude who did the art for the legends games

i love his art :7(((((((

Crummy sound effects, not satisfying sounding in the least, but the gameplay looks interesting. BTW, are those players just really bad, or is the game itself slow?

i’ll be repping midori, just like my avatar

It’s all about Makoto. Too bad the torrent is slow as hell. 14 seeders and I can only connect to 1.

you mean mikoto, rite

I’ll give it a shot, Natsuki ftw~


I got this demo back when it was just released. Pretty fun Demo, but I can’t wait for the full release. Really can’t judge a game by it’s demo, specially fighters which seem to change a lot as the full release nears(even that is prone to change). I am sure this game will kick ass, being a Mai Hime/Otome fan I am sure it will.

Also there seems to be a HiME and Otome mode, or something like that, based by the screenshots and information on the site.