Fuuka Taisen: A Mai Hime-themed fighter

i dont know what the hell a mai himeotome whatever the fuck this is based on but if its related to the artist that did the shit for the megaman zero/zx/legends games then i will prolly give this a try eventually :confused:

look up mai-hime and mai-otome on wiki/google/random anime torrent site(since you’re a 4ch’er you probably have seen them used in random annoying 4ch meme’s).



ever call me that


i do NOT go to that hell hole and i do not really watch anime either ok
i am not that interested :annoy:

Mai-HiME is a series where girls summon creatures to help them fight, and have somewhat magical attacks.

Mai-Otome is a related series, except here the virgin girls summon flashy outfits that act as battle armor.

The title for Mai-Otome is actually written the same as Mai-HiME, except with the kanji for “otome” overlapping the hyphen. (Because of the kanji, it is sometimes called Mai-ZHiME.)

Interesting concept, really cool, it just looks kinda slow, hopefully gameplay gets sped up otherwise it might be a bit laggy for my tastes.

the way the terrain breaks apart is really pretty.

Agreed on the whole “can’t really judge by the demo” notion. Even so, I’m overall liking the direction that this game is taking, and I can’t wait to see its official release.

And a “HiME” and a “Otome” mode, too? That’s interesting…may end up possibly being a sort of “groove” or “Slash/Bust” system thing, ya think?

Could be, also seems like Arika from Mai Otome will be in the game, based by the silouhettes I could see in the main page, I could kind of tell some of the characters that were gonna be in it. I am not sure as to how she would play.

I just can’t wait for this game, this is the doujin game I’ve been waiting for like forever, I can’t wait until April, I want it now!

I, however, DO go to that hell hole, and am proud to be Legion. This game looks interesting, but why do the videos have a poor frame rate?

it would be cool if there are otome characters, like furix say… but i’m not sure where he got that hint cus i couldn’t find anything on the developer’s hp.

i did see the pic i think i he was talking about, though. from my rough estimation, i am almost certain that the four blurred figures in the back starting from right are: alyssa, miyu, fumi, haruka just by looking at their height, hair color and placement with some other characters. two blurred figures from the left must be: shiho, shizuru.

the only figure i’m not sure of there is the third from left (or fifth from right), which seems to have a brown-ish hair. considering that there are no other central hime character left out in that picture now, there’s a high possibility that it may indeed be arika from mai-otome.

That’s the same pic, right behind Natsuki and Akane, that’s Arika. It has to be.

Avatar change, representing Arika here~ I might be using her once the full game is out, either her or Natsuki… Or both.

otome avatars are gonna make a comeback

Gimme Shizuru pLZ

Someone make me a Natsuki av~

i never got around to making shizuru. had trouble editing the gem animation. here are the list of mai-otome avatars i made. take note that some of them are almost a year old.


feel free to use any of them. just let me know if you are, and give me credit. :slight_smile:

Fuck yeah~

hey, don’t put the Arika one there >_>

You know the Arika one was custom made for me D:

Youtubes down, but the screenshots look like the grafix are enough to get me to play it.

Hell, too many fighters are coming out at one time. :confused:

Yess, go Mai-HIME. =D Looks fun.