Fuussioonnn HAAA! (Character Splicing Thread!)

Made by nachum_00 so we were bored one night and started combining video game characters and other things such as

travis touchdown with a tetris block (tetris touchdown)
donkeykong with grey fox (donkey fox)
popeye with captain falcon (capeye)

and others i might post later on

this one is of a smurf and cyclops (smurclops)

i would like to see what you guys can come up with

haha too bad we dont have the master chief and carl clover mix anymore

i think im gonna put in somethin’. I like the idea of this thread

smurfclops is dope :rofl:

its not our best im gonna try to post our other ones soon

A long time ago on the original SF2, I made a character based on the character select screen, by quickly rotating the control between Ryu, Ken, Chun and Honda. It was like a Kabuki looking dude with blonde hair and a blue military uniform… maybe I’ll sketch it later on.

This thread should stay alive. There are too many possibilities as to what you could draw

Jill Valentine-Lady Gaga= Lady Valentine (potara earrings lol)

*I call her big ass gun the paparazzi LOL

Heres some I did a verrrry looong time ago.

And here is my latest (though still old) for my newly acquired deviantart (shameless plug)


wow guys nice im impressed

lol i love this!! here’s my take:


^^^^ beaaaastly!!!

This was a quick sketch from an idea that came up in one of the chamba chats.


Alien Homichu


I like that Waldo rendition, but is it me of does your piece look a lil… “muddled”? are you using photoshop filters? And is that what you are trying to accomplish in that piece? excuse me if im sounding rude, but i just wanna give a helping hand if needed.

and thats the funniest Hominid yet lol

I’m lovin’ that Lady GaGa one.

drew this a while ago for a friend. totally cringe worthy, but definitely on topic :smiley:

pharaoh fuerte

Ha cool ^^^

^^^damn…imagine a fighter like that! A fast, long range grappler


the Ibuki Hiryu/Alien Homichu is dope! XD