Fuzzy Block Question [SF4]

I think the term is Fuzzy Block, anyways.

Anyways, my question was, when a character like Guile or Chun who can walk up behind their fireball follows up the blocked fireball with a low or overhead, are you able to change where you’re blocking or do you get stuck in the one-sided impact freeze from a fireball and they get to hit wherever you aren’t blocking?

You can change blocks. Otherwise, it’d be impossible to block something like Blanka’s Ultra.

Fuzzy block only affects your hitbox orientation ie. If your blocking high your hitbox is still considered blocking high. However, you can still block low while in blockstun, just if an attack would normally whiff while you are crouching it now will have to be blocked cuz your hit box is considered “standing”

As far as I am aware you are free to rise or crouch while in blockstun, to deal with lows and overheads as the need arises. (While this falls outside the scope of the question, it is useful to note that occasionally blockstun can be different depending upon whether you are standing or not - i.e. if you block certain attacks high instead of low, you recover quicker.)

I don’t think there would be any advantage to fuzzy blocking in the VF sense though; my understanding of fuzzy blocking is to deal with grabs which whiff on crouching opponents in games such as Virtua Fighter or Tekken, while still blocking high and mid attacks.

what i’m asking about is sliiiightly different than what i think is being answered, so i’ll clarify. in some games you get stuck in impact freeze (slightly different than blockstun, there’s a great post on sonichurricane about it) when you get hit by a projectile, but the other character does not. in games with lots of impact freeze, i think you can set up ‘mixups’ where you can simply see how they blocked the fireball and attack the other way and they can’t do anything about it because of the state they’re in. i might be wrong about that, though. anyways i ask because i have way more trouble than usual blocking hanzatsu while blocking a fireball.

or does that impact freeze only occur when the fb actually hits?

i might just be failing at blocking, but i need to know if i should try and avoid the setup because of how it works or just block better, lol

no edit button on ps3, but i didn’t know that existed in sf4! the different blockstuns depending on posture, i mean. any notable examples?

apparently crouching tends to make your hitbox wider, too? so some attacks might hit if you crouch but whiff if you stand?

Well, the different blockstun depending on stance can affect when the move actually hits you. If you crouch the entire time during Sagat’s c.lk xx lk Tiger Knee block strings, the TK will hit pretty late, giving Sagat a better frame advantage. But if you stand up to block the Tiger Knee, it hits a bit earlier, so Sagat isn’t able to do as much.

Thinking about it, I guess those two points are probably related. It’s probably more to do with hitbox properties than an actual different amount of blockstun. The only example that comes to mind is that Rufus is able to walk forward and punish a blocked Blanka ball with cr.hp, but only if he blocks the ball standing.

Impact freeze only occurs on hit/block, and it’s frame neutral, meaning that noone gets an advantage that allows them to recover quicker. There is no dramatic slowdown and you can’t exploit lax proximity blocking like in SFII, where you could tap jab to prevent someone from walking backwards and then sweep them.

To answer your question, yes, you are able to change your block regardless of being in blockstun. I don’t know of any game that lasted for more than a few months that doesn’t allow you to do this.

i dont know of any game where being in impact freeze stops you from being to change the direction youre blocking. regardless, given impact freeze only lasts for a few frames at most, how would they be able to see which way you block and react to that?

i’m guessing the guy is just doing the opposite of what i’m doing when the fb is about to hit, because he always seems to pick the right one. but i think i’ve figured out how to handle it more consistently either way; thanks guys!