Fuzzy Guard Guide



So I was at work today thinking about this video and how awesome it is. For those interested this is a combo that that does 506 damage. So I was initially like “holy shit, this is some sweet new tech” but then I took it to the lab. Unfortunately it is incredibly character specific. So here are all of the details.

The fuzzy guard is a mechanic that you can abuse against quite a few characters. So after a deep jump in using nj.hk, fj.hk or j.mk and they block against it, there is a 1 frame transition between standing and crouching, where the hurtbox on the defending character is in the standing position, but is actually only blocking against low and mid attacks.

In this scenario, if Adon does an immediate nj.mk, he can hit every character in the game so long as they are crouch blocking.

To defend this, the opponent has to either anticipate and block high after the jump, back dash, or do a move with invincible startup frames. Mashing on a crouching normal can also work if it’s perfectly timed.

To get them scared into blocking low, do a couple of c. lk after your jump in or just grab. After they get used to blocking low after the jump in, you can hit them with this fuzzy guard setup.

Character Specific:
This setup only works on a few characters-
Full combo (nj.mk-> j.l.JK -> c.mp ->m.RJ->FADC->Ult 2):

EX Combo (nj.hk->EX.JK):
All the above characters
C. Viper
M. Bison
Gen (1 hit, no knock down)
El Fuerte (1 hit, no knock down)

This is an awesome mix-up you can do any time you have one or two meter and is great for beating crouching defenses. Of course the nj.mk will hit any character so it can be used as a last hit too. Even against characters that the ajk can’t combo against you will still land with frame advantage if they block the lp ajk or ex. ajk. This is a great thing to practice and can be very safe and surprising.

T.Hawk Laboratory

Thanks for this. I was curious about it but never got around to testing every character.
Another character specific thing I was going to test after 2012 drops is cl.HP xx mk JK.


just a note, you put nj.hk in your combo examples. i assume its a mistake.

thanks though, i always wanted it also but was too lazy to test i just tried in game :stuck_out_tongue:


Indeed it was. Fixed


Will have to get into training mode to see this. Thanks :smiley:


Thanks for posting!! Will definitely be trying these setups out!!


Thanks for the info!


Uhm…I’m pretty sure the setup is missing something. The way fuzzy guards even work is that the opponent must be in block stun for such a long time that their hitbox will still be open to a high hitting move even once they start blocking low. In Adon’s case, his nj.mk will always whiff on an opponent that is already crouching (not in hitstun or blockstun). That’s why its called fuzzy guard, the opponent has to BLOCK first. I don’t think the setup is correct in saying that starts off with a nj.mk out of nowhere. BUT, if the opponent blocks Adon’s j.hk (at the right height), this leaves the opponent open to a nj.mk right off the ground. If you watch the video from the original post, at 0:42 Adon does a foward throw, foward dash, j.hk, THEN nj.mk and so on…Maybe a late nj.hk on the way down could work, but the setup in the video should be the only true setup to a fuzzy guard.


ive done crossup LATE j.mk into a fuzzy nj.mk exjk, think it was on a dudley. ill try in training later.

edit: also he did mention it is a deep blocked jump in… I am not quite sure why you felt the need to reiterate it?

id also like to add that you can do a meaty instant nj.mk etc etc on their wake up!


Oh sorry, I noticed that he mentioned the blocked jump in, I just found it a bit awkward that he wouldn’t mention it with the setup used in the video (foward throw and foward dash). I know I saying a lot of what he already mentioned, but i think he shouldve emphasized the need for a deep jump in and that the setup in the video is a pretty easy example to try out. Of course, its open to other possibilities (like the ones you’ve mentioned). I don’t mean to say that he was wrong, its just that this part “This setup only works on a few characters- Full combo (nj.mk-> j.l.JK -> c.mp ->m.RJ->FADC->Ult 2):” didnt sound right to me.


ah right I see.

I just wanted to confirm what you were saying and why. its nice to have it be reiterated :smiley:
If people dont question each other nothing ever gets cleared :smiley:
Thanks for adding to it :smiley:


Thanks for understanding =D
I’ll look into that j.mk and meaty instant nj.mk stuff, sounds useful.


yeah, I know gamerbee used to use the instant nj.hk on peoples wake ups to finish them, but that was back in super!
also the j.mk, ive only used it once and it threw the guy off, whiffs on alot of people and you have to do it so late.