Fuzzy Guard Instant Overheads

I’m sure enough people have been sitting on this technology for a while, but I’ve never seen it talked about, so here goes.

Sentinel has instant overheads on a large part of the cast. These overheads are possible because of fuzzy guard. I’m not exactly sure who they don’t work on, but as a reference point, they do work on Chris and they don’t work on Morrigan.

Check out this ultra-HD video I made:


Here’s what’s going on:

  1. In the first section of the video, I show what happens if you do instant jump-back H against a crouching Chris – it whiffs. Neutral jump instant L also whiffs, although I didn’t show that.

  2. This second section of the video demonstrates what happens if you do a deep-ish j.H, Chris crouches expecting c.M, and you do instant jump-back H – it hits! If you use an assist with your jump-back H, you can turn this instant overhead into a big combo. Here I use Tron, but there are a shitload of options.

  3. In the final section of the video, I show the real tricky shit. While instant jump-back H is an “instant” overhead, it’s not all that instant. However, j.L is hella instant and is also able to take advantage of fuzzy guard. Here I do deep-ish j.H ~ assist, Chris blocks low expecting c.M, but I do instant j.L (which hits) and continue from there. Again, you don’t need Tron, but you do need an assist.

Hope this helps. Any questions, feel free.


Does sent need an assist to follow up for a combo or can he do so by himself?

As far as I can tell, you can only follow up without an assist against bigger-than-average characters. For instance, against Hulk, you can do deepish j.H (lets call this “fuzzy j.H”), then follow up with either: instant overhead j.H, frying pan; or instant overhead j.L, j.H, frying pan. However, these setups don’t work against, say, Chris – I’m pretty sure you have to use an assist if you want to run this shit against a character of that size or smaller.

Also, another awesome thing about this technology is that “fuzzy j.H -> instant overhead” combos on hit, just as “fuzzy j.H -> c.M” does. So if fuzzy j.H happens to hit, Sentinel’s high and low options both act as hit-confirms, allowing him to transition into a full combo.

This information is great. Thank you. I’ll try some of this and see what I can come up with, if any at all.

Here’s another video showing that you can actually set up fuzzy guard instant overheads off of more than just deep j.H:


  1. Instant j.H after frying pan.

  2. Instant j.H after unfly L.

Starting to look like a proper high/low game.