Fuzzy Guard Reset



On a standing opponent : Low fuhajin > FADC > J.strong xx dive kick.

If the fuhajin hits them and you go for the fadc j.strong they MUST block high. If not, they get hit with J.strong.

Works on: Abel, Dudley, Vega, Sagat, Seth, Gouken, Thawk (ex dive doesnt work and al ittle tough to hit…cant get the timing down on a dummy resetting…a little help here would be great)

THe beauty of this is the amount of damage of it due to the reset. If they crouch tech they get hit. If they throw, they get hit. Now lets look at reversal options.

Abel : TT whiffs stuffed, Ex causes the J.strong to whiff but is punishable still, falling sky stuffed, ex falling sky whiffs, ex COD absorbs j.strong, Super whiffs, Ultra whiffs. Ex Roll escapes. Breathless > Cancel Punishes this.

Dudley: Uppercut whiffs, Counter gets stuffed, MGB escapes but is punishable, Ducking escapes, U2 whiffs, U1 whiffs

Seth: SPD stuffed, DP’s whiff, Super whiffs, ultra 1 whiffs, U2 counters. Teleports available. (this cross’s up seth, ultra input is a little difficult to do)

Sagat: LP TU hits, mp, Hp, EX whiffs, Angry Scar (MIGHT) eat inputs, U2 and U1 whiff

Gouken: Palm stuffed, Counter hits (only if you go for dive kick after), ex tatsumaki beats this (on the back swing), U1 whiffs

Thawk: Everything whiffs/stufed but raging slash.


They get hit if they crouch tech? Wouldn’t that force their hitbox to crouch, making it whiff?


Nope. If they try to OS tech, they’re hit box is still standing.

edit: At least on seth it does…seth is in MID crouch when it hits…one sec…

with gouken i was able to mash crouch tech and SOMETIMES get it. It must be really tight of a gap. I’m coming to you guys to try this out for yourself and find the holes in it.


I’ve never actually tried that. I’m gonna go in training mode and do some testings of my own.

Sounds pretty cool but also difficult to do and character specific. My understanding is that it only works with tall characters. So if you try this on anyone smaller than Juri it will whiff. Now since it’s working on Gouken, I’m guessing it would also work on Oni.

But is it really worth 2 bars? Juri is one of the few characters who actually has a good super move that’s easy to land in a combo. Also her ex moves are pretty awesome. I never FADC with Juri unless I’m comboing or going for the Ultra 2.


It’s not something you would be doing very much. Like any fuzzy guard or other “cheap” trick, it’s most effective when you can get the most out of it and your opponent is least likely to expect it.


Off of a crumple, cross up, good guess on a jump in you get over 600 damage for 2 bars? Is it worth it?! Lol. It’s gimmicky but worth it if you fadc often

Edit: what I mean by fadc often if you are good at this combo it will train them to block high and be wide open for a low attack if you drop your combo. Even if they dp, Seth csnt do anything but teleport.

And… It essentially wins the match vs Seth if it hits. With 3 bars it’s like close to 700 damage with full meter >.>.

It’s a tide changer.


New findings.

[media=youtube]5KuCbO0pFaw&feature=related[/media] (Another video showing what I’ve been talking about)

How can you not get behind this damage for something that blows up blocking for our girl?

Furthermore, I dont have a video on this yet as my software causes blue screen of death lately…but I’ve been trying to find a reliable way to cross up dive kick. The best so far is

Focus attack crumple > Wait till opponent (juri) hits the ground flat > c.lk > dive kick. This forces the hit box to hit the hurt box behind the opponent. Only tested on Juri but with pretty good results enough to post. Can link ultra 2 off it.


Its too gimmicky for me, it only works on a select few characters anyway and gets blown up by alot of basic fundamental defence tactics, backdashing, holding back and dp mashing.

Crossup divekicks seem like a more practical universal thing if they exist in a way thats easy on execution, but this long into the games lifespan and ive seen nothing from anybody including Japanese players, ive been guilty of trying it out in the lab but it just seems like if there is a way, it wont be practical, just saying now, dont invest your time in lost causes when you see them.


except the initial setup i gave, the fadc > j.strong is practical. I use it in matches vs seths that guess wrong. I do a LOT of damage. Although the ultra 2 is hard to link from a regular dive kick…when it hits it does a lot of damage. You just have to remember to do the ultra fast on the opposite side as it crosses up.

With that being said…for 2 bars doing so much damage on an anti-crouch strategy…I think its worth it. IF i want anyone to give this a shot, its you mike.


Okay i took it to training mode finally, its easy on execution and id go as far as saying it can work if you know when to apply it. However that being said, without U2 to get the damage off of it, your spending a super meter to get any really good damage out of it, 2 meters for FADC, 1 for ex dive kick and 1 for expinwheel. You can do 3 meters for a regular dive into ex pin or a ex dive into J.hp. I wouldnt switch in U2 just for it, but that being said against Seth i usually pick U2 anyway, hes got escape options so yeah, duno maybe there will come a day when i think it would be neccessary.


For anyone who doesn’t like fse, this is good vs Seth, Abel, sagat. I think it works vs gouken also.

There’s enough time to confirm hit or not and low or high. If no ultra just go for a combo but if they have ultra it’s worth the extra 500 damage imo.

I use fadc combos often, so the mix up is already set. Keep em guessing to block high or low. Unless they realize that I only go High when I have ultra.


There are some fuzzy j.mp setups that involve fse that I’ve found. Some involve the corner, some involve meter(and some dont), and I think all of them pretty much require the element of surprise. Some of them even work on characters who you normally cant fuzzy mp the usual way(Guile,Balrog,…,Dhalsim).

I havent made a video yet for a couple of reasons.

  1. Im really a really lazy, procrastinater :sweat:. Everytime I feel like recording I always end up putting it off to “some other time”. I still havent finished the FSE vids I said I would do :sweat:
  2. What I had planned to do was record them, then send them privately to the Juri mains who were planning to go to EVO(like WeirdoNeo,EdMa?,any of you?) so that they would at least keep the element of surprise for at least a while. Juris fuzzys’ seem to be really telegraphed when you know what to look for.

Also I havent really tested what options the opponents has if he realizes the fuzzy attempt is coming instead of cooperating and holding downback. I’ve only tested on what characters they work on.

Im gonna go grab me a case of beer and record them today. Does anyone know if that WeirdoNeo account on SRK is actually him? Or if EdMA still mains Juri and how to contact him? Also which of you are planning to go to EVO? I doubt Ill ever go. I’ll prob send the vids about two months before evo so that they can practice.


How about you just worry about us. Heh.


I hardly think a Fuzzy setup warrents a secret passing of information to Edma or whoever you think will make use of it. Fuzzys are gimmicky man they arent that amazing, if you tell me what it is id probably poke holes in it on impression, they are pretty damn fallible.


I mean I’ll probably will just post it for everyone. But I kind of wanna see Juri surprise people @ evo even if she does it using gimmicks. Really its nothing fancy or even that solid except maybe in a couple of matches where fse already fucks them up. You could probably find them out yourself, just think of the elements of a crumple reset and do it by way of fse instead. Like the setup on Abel/Balrog, it would force him to do something, similar to how Abel forces to you to choose when he lands a step kick, which could lead to big damage.


Sure. Im pretty sure you can poke holes in EVERYTHING and anything involving street fighter. You know like frame traps or whatever other tactic you think is actually not gimmicky


Fair enough i get that, duno when u post it ill see if theres any value to it, ive just never been one to believe Fuzzy’s are where its at.


Look. Fuzzy guard is a stupid term. It’s an overhead, anti crouch block. In this game where blocking is rewarded heavily having something to make them scared to block is great. The reward for juri is great and the more we can learn to mask our intentions the better



Nah me neither, its just that its probably the closest thing that Juri has thats “abuseable”. Like you I believe its gimmicky, so once you’ve seen it, as long as your paying attention you shouldnt get hit by it again. Thats the only reason I thought of sending it privately, because its not something really concrete . The only way it could prove useful is if the opponent doesnt know/see it coming. Honestly, sending it privately is silly,but I just want to see Juri surprise people. If any of yall go to evo, using these gimmicks could be what’ll get yall the win allowing yall to advance. From what alot of yall say, people dont really know how to play against Juri, so you could add these setups to whatever other “not widely known quirks” Juri uses aganst them already.

And to add, because its not so solid, whoever I send it to might not use them. Though I can think of 1 or 2 of them that they would most def give it a try since its not that visually telegraphed and uses no meter(at least not till after the mp)


I want them all. :3