Fuzzymeat Overhead



Hello everyone! I’ve been coming up with setups off of lk.Ruffian and found this gem (gif in tweet):

The overhead hits meaty (2nd hit only) which consequently hits fuzzy standing which gives it enough frame advantage to combo cr.mp after overhead, GUARANTEED. Sick, right?


Thanks. This also works off a hk.Ruffian > fadc > f.mp reset. I feel stupid for not knowing this earlier, but is it well known that fuzzy guard doesn’t work in training mode when you record the dummy doing the set up and block low with player 1? Every time I tried, I would get hit crouching, but it apparently works in a real match and when done on a crouching dummy.


Nice, I thought that the Fuzzy standing was known already but I didn’t have any frame perfect setups for it.


Pardon my ignorance, but does this mean that it hits opponents that are stand blocking?


No. they still have to be crouching to get hit. It means they will still be in standing position, allowing you to combo into hk.ruffian.


Ok well so after further testing, the meaty overhead doesn’t actually force stand. This only happens because the practice dummy is a training mode cpu. Wished it worked but on human opponents, it seems the Hk ruffian wont connect.


It doesn’t force stand, just hits crouching while the opponent still has a standing hurt box.

In this example the overhead is hitting in the space where the opponent is considered standing on their wakeup.

I believe this is why Hakan/Guy grab setups work because you’re considered standing in x amount of frames when you wakeup.

Correct me if I’m wrong :S