FX GameExchange Plano and McKinney TX SFF4 grand opening tourney


FX GameExchange is opening a new store and throwing a Super Street Fighter 4 tourney for our grand opening!

When? May 8th 2010
Where? FX GameExchange Plano TX, 75075

$5 registration, all goes to pot. Pot to be split 70\20\10 with a bonus of $300 of cash and prizes, so first would win 70% plus $100 and $75 gift certificate, second to win 20% plus $75 gift certificate, and third to win 10% plus $50 gift certificate.
Double elimination
2/3 matches, 99 seconds.
All characters accepted, random stage select.
Wireless 360 pad provided, but sticks suggested. Wireless sticks can be used but battery failure results in DQ.
Button checks done before match, pausing during actual fight results in DQ.
Prize split 70\20\10 unless low turnout then winner takes all. Other prizes may be added at a later time.
May 8th, first fights start at 2pm.
Registration starts at 10am, preregistration at plano@fxvideogameexchange.com.
Super Street Fighter 4 is the only game, and we can handle 3 matches at a time. Players required to inform staff of results.
4 minutes after first call for players before DQ
Also this is a family store, so loud vulgar speech will get you DQ and removed from the store.
15 seconds to select characters.

So everyone, have fun! Cant wait to see everyone and if this turns out well we will have even more stuff around the corner working up to weekly tourneys!
Also if anyone is planning on joining us, post here and let us know. Thanks!



I know it’s a couple of weeks away, but tournament sounds like it might be pretty hype. There’s a good chance I’ll make the trip up there. I always did like the FX stores I visited in the past.


Also if anyone was interested in coming to our tourney would you please make a post with your name, email and what character you would use in the tourney. Just for our records of interest and character trends.


I’ll be at the McKinney tourney. Balrog ftw


Just an FYI, there is no longer a tourney in the McKinney store, its only the store at Parker and Custer, but please still come because it should be a ton of fun!


sweet im gonna be there, its only a ten minute drive from my house :smiley:


We now have a FaceBook group made for everyone thinking about joining us on the 8th, join if you’d like!


This is gonna be so free. STEP UP DALLAS!


Well i hope it’s not as free as you think, I just got word that a few of the guys over at GearBox games are pounding out the practice hours, so lets give a great show! Besides i want to see what Dallas has as far as talent for street fighter!


findmyfarms is like the worst player in the dallas area


Tee hee.


lol… someone over hyped our talent… we aren’t that good.


Weren’t you guys top 8 at bar fights? You folks best keep a look out for the pad yo!


I don’t know… I think we were like top 8 or top 12… or something… It was me and Ian (IBIndustries)


I’ll be there


bring some chicharrons plz


dang i thought maybe 5 people would show up but now it looks like this is getting popular.


Is this on xbox or ps? There also seems to be some confusion with the venue, so is there an exact address?


Damn I wish I were in the area for this event. It’d be nice hanging with the cool DFW peeps again haha. I hope someone reps that Bison.


according to the posts and the facebook group, it seems to be @ the Plano location and is on xbox 360.