FXGameExchange Plano, Tx. 9/11/10 SuperSF4

FXGameExchange Plano, Tx. 9/11/10

FX GameExchange in Plano Tx is having its second Super Street Fighter IV tourney on September 4, 2010. 9/11/2010.
Doors open for casuals at 10am, tourney starts at 2pm

We are located at 3000 Custer Rd, suite 170. Plano, Texas 75075. 972-212-4233
Map to our store

Game: Super Street Fighter IV

Fee: $5 entry fee, no venue fee. Prize split will be 50/30/20

Format: Double Elimination 2/3 matches, 99 seconds. Winners/Losers brackets.

Rules: All characters accepted, random stage select. Wireless 360 pads provided, but arcade sticks suggested. Button check before match and pausing during actual fight results in DQ. No game breaking glitches. Use of vulgar language will get you kicked out of the store.
No refunds on tourney entry fees.

Any questions or comments? Send us a message here, Plano@fxvideogameexchange.com or by phone at 972-212-4233

Anyone interested in early registration can contact me here, via email or by phone. Pot fee will still be collected the day of, but we can now put you in at any time.

Due to lack of participants we had to cancel the tourney today, but we did get a couple hours of fun casuals with those who did show up! So hopefully our next tourney will have a turnout lol