FXGameExchange Plano Tx MVC3 2/19/11

FXGameExchange Plano, Tx. 2/19/11 Marvel Vs Capcom 3***UCC***
FXGameExchange Plano, Tx. 2/19/11

FX GameExchange in Plano Tx is having its first Marvel Vs Capcom 3 on Febuary 19, 2011. 2/19/2011.
Doors open for casuals at 11am, tourney starts at 2pm

We are located at 3000 Custer Rd, suite 170. Plano, Texas 75075. 972-212-4233
Map to our store

Game: Marvel vs Capcom 3

Fee: $5 entry fee, $3 venue fee. Prize split will be 60/30/10

Format: Double Elimination 2/3 matches, 99 seconds. Winners/Losers brackets.

Rules: All characters accepted, random stage select. Wireless 360 pads provided, but arcade sticks suggested. Button check before match and pausing during actual fight results in a lost round. No game breaking glitches. Use of vulgar language will get you kicked out of the store.
No refunds on tourney entry fees.

Setup: We have 3 tvs available and room for more. Bringing an entire setup waves your venue fee, and one will save $1 off your venue fee.

This is also a ranking tourney for the UCSC, or Upper-Cut Southern Championship.

Any questions or comments? Send us a message here, luckyshot7777@hotmail.com or by phone at 214-934-4818