FYC- Become a part of me!

Hello everyone! My name is Deluxe, CEO of Console Warzone & Fighting Division Manager for FYC-eSports. I am just stopping in to say that FYC is starting to build a solid foundation in the SF4 community. We recently attended GVN Winter Brawl in Philly and took home the 3v3 SF4 Championship, ousting LI Joe, Marn & Skye Thompson.

I would like to invite you all to join our community at http://www.fyc-pro.com/forums/ and also at our Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/FYCeSports/291888279455

In addition to this, we also regularly hold SF4 sessions in NJ that anyone is welcome to attend and level your game up. Like I said, we are about expanding the community and helping players reach their potential. So sign up to the forums, Facebook or just hit me up with any other requests you have.

I will be in NJ this coming Sunday for another Console Warzone tournament. See you there!


Tekken 6 made it into the MLG before SF4? WoW. Looks like Tekken is gonna get paid.