FYC-Pro looking to sponsor SFIV players


Hello everyone. Some of you may know me from these forums or from my live events I host in NJ under the name Console Warzone . This past week, Console Warzone became an official partner of FYC-Pro and in doing that I am looking to bring the fighting community to their already established gaming community.

In case you don’t know, FYC is a gaming community that spreads across various games and platforms. They have the same goal in mind like myself which is to help the gaming community and gamers anyway they can. They currently have a PC division and a console division but have yet to dive into the world of fighting games.

This is where I come in.

As I stated, I run tournaments for SFIV and other games in NJ and I am now in charge of the recruiting process for FYC gaming in all fighting games. This is not just SFIV but I thought I would start here because this is the most popular game.

So, anyone who is looking for a sponsorship opportunity or a gaming community that will help you get to events and promote your name please consider FYC. All that is required is that you stay active on the forums and in the community.

Please head over the the FYC-Pro website at www.fyc-pro.com and post in the newly created SFIV and Tekken 6 forums.

I will be scouting for players at my events as well as online so if you are interested shoot me an e-mail and post on the forums at FYC-Pro

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Console Warzone CEO
FYC-Pro: Fighting Division Manager


I’m in G1 online. What other qualifications do I need? SG?


You should ask Matt Cross, Jason Chong, Alec Valley or Diego. Those guys are good.

Honestly though, I’ve never heard of sponsors who wait for players to ask them for a sponsorship.


And i’ve never seen anything good come from the ones who did otherwise. So either way we get a fascinating pile of fail!

P.S. we already have people trying to whore themselves out for a crass buck. It’s called the West Coast. Google it while enjoying a refreshing EVO energy drink, because if there’s anything better than a blatant moneygrab, it’s one with a fad that’s 5 years passe!


These gaming communities are what help some players get to bigger tournaments (Yes like EVO) that otherwise could not afford the travel expenses to get there.

Do your research and you will find no complaints from the already sponsored teams. I do not run or am I in charge of FYC, I am merely trying to help them in finding some good players to add to their roster. If you ever met me, you would know that I would not try to scam or make a cheap buck off anyone.


Don’t be hating on those who work hard to create their own opportunities.

If you enjoy having a broke ass scene, playing in peoples houses instead of conference halls then good for you.

If Adidas came up to you and offered you a sponsorship of $1000 bucks a month + travel expenses and all you had to do was wear their clothes don’t pretend for a second you would turn it down just cuz your not a whore for a “crass buck”

Reality is, nobody is looking to sponsor you and your to narrow sighted to actually capitalize on an opportunity, so it’s easier to sit back and call those around you whores. I’m sure when their making money doing something they love, and your doing… the exact same thing you’ve been doing the whole time; that you will definitely have the last laugh:rolleyes:

Grats on keeping it real though


Ive yet to see talent that doesnt have the ability to travel to far away events. Of course, this will give the opportunity for hidden new talent to compete against those who normally attened the events. so I like.


How 'bout international? There is very good talent in my country (Costa Rica), there is this place “Game On” that usually organizes WCG events, tourneys etc and last year they did a pretty good job and brought some very good SFIV players.


Since I am from the NY/NJ area, my scouting for players will begin there at my live events and also other events I attend.

As far as international goes, I am going to be seeking International players to compete at this years EVO. When I get to that point I will begin to make contacts to the appropriate people.

You can always contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.


You’re absolutely right. Because you know what? The only thing i appreciate more than having a scene that’s completely on its own as far as both coasts go is watching a scene with every advantage whine about how it needs support! Really felt the sympathy for wed. night fights stream asking for donations the day after the Haiti quake, because i guess Valle with his boring Ryu couldn’t fucking chip in any of the $500 of sponsor money he won the night before, nor could anyone else in that bullshit scene.

Stop talking. When your betters want you to say something, we will first feed it to you in simple syllables and pictograms.


only way i ever made it to cpl, fire n ice, dreamhack, was thanks to sponsors. Sponsors are my best friends=]