FYI, Evo Passes are Non-Transferable


just had a quick question for the admins. i have a friend here locally who purchased a competitors pass and he can’t go to evo now. I’d prefer to buy his pass instead of getting the tournament only pass. how do i go about getting this information switched over through srk? does he need to send an email do i show up to evo with a signed statement and a copy of his id? thanks in advance for the help.

Unable to attend EVO

Check the other threads.
Nobody has anything to sell yet.


Did it take more effort to post that up or just answer the question thank you for being useless.


You cannot. Passes are no transferable.


This should be stickied…


Just in case anyone might be upset at this.
You should know that the EVO staff would have to keep paperwork on file if any in-person transfers were made, and that’s a really unnecessary waste of effort.


Also, Evo has ALWAYS been non-refundable.

Evo 2012 Registration Status Page