FYI: SFIV on Steam for $20 Labor Day weekend only

If you wanted to get SFIV on PC now is a good time. Now I’m thinking it might be time to start planning a vewlix mame cab…

Thanks for the heads up, though I wish my laptop could handle the requirements… considering building a PC soon.

Will this run on Windows 7 64-Bit?

Any reason I should get this if I already have the 360 version?

I have Mac Pro desktop workstation, I’m guessing 8-Processors is enough to handle this game lol.

Why should you get the PC version? Mods!

Dunno. I heard from a friend he ran another ahem version on his windows 7, worked fine for single player, but don’t know about online.

Don’t know if the steam version has any slight difference.

Aside from Mods, not sure if you want it on your computer. Need a fairly decent computer to run it with the same frame rate.

A newer MacPro should have no problem with this game.
You should have at lease a 8800GT, but with a 24 inch native pixel you might want something higher end like a 4870, 280gtx

Aside from mods or making a PC based SFIV + Mame cab, No particulaur reason to get this.

I am using Windows7 x64, and SF4 is running great.

I have it on PC, but if I owned a console I wouldn’t buy it for the PC.

But, if you really want it then now is the time to go for it. Can’t beat 20 bucks for SF IV!

I have an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ single core CPU, 1gb of ddr 3200 ram, Nvidia 7600gt and I run the game smoothly on 60 fps with high background and model textures on, 800x 600 resolution and everything else on low, except particles which are mid, and everything else off. it still looks fantastic!

Another good reason to get this on steam is the fact that it stays on your list of games so if your computer ever dies on you, you can just sign into steam from your new computer and download it again. No need for keeping serial numbers or dealing with limited install on the disc version. FYI- some DRM on PC games limits you to only 3 installs with the serial number.

Would a ATI 3870 work?

You could always run the benchmark tool just to be sure:

Yes, that card would work. I have that same exact card! I have 4 gigs of ram though and thats important. I also have a core2 duo cpu.

It does, I used to have windows xp 32 bit but through some connections, Im now running Windows 7 pro 64 bit and it does indeed run smoothly. I dont see any performance loss between win xp and win 7.

4Lefty is pretty much right. If you go to a friends house, you can just log onto your steam and you can download SF4 onto his computer and start playing so as long as you’re logged on your account.

Another nifty thing about steam is the back up function. You can back up your games to fit CDs, DVDs or any custom size you want. All you need to do later on is run the back up setup (included in the back up) and you’re good to go.

Is there a Cider port for running on Mac without dual booting?

my best bet is to google.

Great Find! : )

i just gave steam 20 more dollars. thanks