G.A.A.W.F.T. & P0wn = Internet?

Using Google,Amazon,Apple,Facebook,Wikipedia and Twitter now make-up the vast majority of time spent on the internet besides browsing at licentious material. Your opinions? Honestly it doesn’t surprise me. When something is effective people use it like none other.

Google = best web search tool, and web browser. Also owns Youtube
Amazon = best online shopping service
Apple = Itunes is the best music service
Wikipedia = best site for quick info
Facebook = Best place to stalk your “friends”.
Twitter = Actually I don’t even know WHY this shit exists. >_<

All we’re waiting for is Google and Apple to set aside there differences so that the 6 can combine into a super-company which owns the interwebz.

But seriously, do you think our extreme usage of these 6 providers may perhaps be a bad thing?

Internet as we know it is just a baby, only 17-ish old, and not everyone knows or cares why always running to the same websites for info or commerce is a bad thing. Multibillon-dollar super-companies taking over Net usage was inevitable. It’ll probably get worse when whatever-SOPA’s-called-these-days finally gets passed.

And Wikipedia University know-it-alls are of course annoying shits.

People use what they know.

It’s still so much better than TV or movies but I’m sure big financial players have been trying to consolidate influence on the internet since jump street.

I’m not even convinced facebook or twitter are as entrenched as google, amazon, or wikipedia (which isn’t even a for profit company). To me it seems like social networking sites benefit (and suffer) from their trendiness much more than search engines or stores.

I use duckduckgo for my search engine needs. Look it up, it’s badass.

And yeah, Twitter is lame as far as I’m concerned. It just seems like a supplementary social site/service thing to me.

Wikipedia is played out, I use individual specialized wikis for the most part.

Facebook is retarded, yes I have one but I really don’t like having it to be honest.

Amazon is good for finding list prices, but call me weird, I actually look for shit that I want normally.