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Is G Q?


I dont know, but if i dont hear any House of the Dead memes mentioned every time this man is played then you’re doing it wrong.


Yeah, I literally came here just to say, " what up g? " really?

Suffer like G DID!!!


This character got my attention…
Need to see more.


There are so many crazy theories going around about him

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I like what I have seen of his design, I hope he is good and plays well for my preferences (zoning, anti air, pokes, etc).


I can’t wait for future bara art work of G on tumblr. I also hope Capcom denounces the ape thing real soon enough


G is not Q because G is strong and powerful.

Q is a coward and weak.


You literally came?


I can’t wait to hit my opponents in the G-spot. Been readin up on Cosmo to get a head start on my attack plan.


You mean:



I’ve got a feeling there’s more to this guy than meets the eye but my initial impression is he’s the dumbest design i’ve ever seen in SF history.


^Blanka now with MOAR hair is hardly impressing me but I am slightly more interested in G than I am for the green turd making his triumphant return.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement.


Hopefully he plays like Makoto.


I don’t think he is, actually.

Yup, I’ve got quite a few myself hah

I’m the resident obsessive, Q speculator in the SF Lore thread, so you’ll have to excuse all the tinfoil hat nonsense and detail

Anyways, so far, the little details in G make me think he and Q are related but two different people.

I posted this the other day in the lore thread.

It’s been brought to my attention that the Black and Red story costume alt for G is not his main story costume colour, whatever it is remains to be seen, but I still think the body language and mask differences are significant.

Also, I feel that the letters for their names may mean something. G could stand for the obvious Gold, but also Governance/Global, while Q could stand for Quartz and Quarry. What we know of Q is he’s always found around crime scenes as if he’s investigating or searching for his “quarry”, and with quartz, that could be literal or symbolic of his high durability (3s taunt x3), strength, etc.

I feel like the overall story for G will be that he’s a current or former Illuminati agent, he’s setting himself up to run for mayor of Metro city or even President (looking at the Uncle Sam and Abe Lincoln elements in his design, also the stage he seems to be on for the Menat part of AE’s intro.)

His pet project could be the Alphabets and he could have made the other members in his image, but Q may have escaped. His weird body movements, as I mentioned before could be related to him breaking free or still fighting control from G. Oro in SF3 made a joke saying Q looks like the Tokusatsu character, Robo Detective K, so with that bit of reference, if they’re continuing the Tokusatsu theme, G and Q’s relationship could be like Kamen Rider Black and Golgom’s. Golgom made Kamen Rider to be their ultimate weapon but instead, he became their biggest obstacle, so Q could be hiding in the shadows, investigating G and his various operations, while Crimson Viper tails Q and wonders what the hell is going on.

Anyone still with me?


I just hope he is a caricature of Trump. And says billions and billions, in his quotes.


Sorry to bump this up, but I’ve been sharing this everywhere and figured it couldn’t hurt.

I made an analysis video on G and Q. With the S3 costume link it looked like G was Q, but I think that that may not actually be the case. G may be more akin to Goutetsu to Ryu lorewise and maybe Gouken to Ryu playstyle wise, too early to tell, but I think he’s Q’s creator rather than another identity.


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our time draws near

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Lik, character looks animu as fook.


The time to prepare for Pangaea is here! Rejoice!