G.I. JOE Comic Thread


Well, AYO?! also thought I was a girl, so anything’s possible, I suppose.


That would have made you the perfect woman for me. Asian for SRK purposes, female as in no hidden junk, and a comic cynic. I’d be in heaven.

About to get to the second wave of characters and Destro popping up, DIS COMIC SO GOOD!


How am I a comic cynic? There’s a difference between being a cynic and actually having standards.


God damn stop reading so much into my comments/jabs that take .5 seconds to write up.

So we going to talk about G.I. Joe or let this thread die off like the couple of dozen other ones here? I’ve been rewatching Season One while reading the titles.


Favorite Joes: Snake Eyes, Scarlett, Flint, LJaye, Shipwreck
Fav Cobras: Destro, CC, Baroness, Zartan,

I have been watching Season 2 of sunbow and while there are goodstories about, it feels blah due to minimal CC. Serpentor isnt really in as many eps, and when hes there , just barks some orders. Other than the Arise Serpentor Miniseries and my favorite things ep, he barely does anything.
Also, it seemed most of his dialogue is with Mindbender, so weve got hardly any conflict.


Yeah Serpentor seemed extremely wasted, why build him up to only use him at very rare times? They got some funny stories in Season 2 though, Sgt. Slaughter episodes are a good example of the best shit ever.

No wonder no one likes him really.


Maybe if you took more than .5 seconds to write something, and put some actual thought into a post, discussions around here would be more interesting. If you’re gonna make remarks about me, stop taking umbrage if I actually respond. It’s nothing personal.


No “umbrage” taken sir, lol.

Onto issue #11 so far, where the new crew (AKA Toys) are introduced. So does Destro have any political ties in the Cobra organization? He’s their black market weapons dealer, but it seems as if he is solely tied to them instead out of out for himself (Similar to Zartan, who is simply in it for the money and has bailed out early quite a few times due to lack of loyalties).

Just seems odd.


Ha they went to San Diego Comic con in ARAH this week. Some fun nods to Transformers and other comics.

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No one reading the new ones, i have been enoying gijoe, cobra and snake eyes so far


well i had to drop them all. thought they were great, ronin she became my favorite joe, but the way they have been scattering 1 story threw 3 books at 3.99, just had to trim them from the pull, i really wanted to keep cobra as ronin is in that 1 but i dont want to buy 2 other books to know whats going on, a shame


All I read is ARAH. Still enjoying it.


i need to check that out as i saw a red ninja chick think jinx on the next release cover and reminds me of ronin


Last few issues have been pretty crazy. Cobra Commander busted out his Sigma 6 armor! Destro had a chess set featuring every character in the current storyline! The line ‘Knowing is half the battle’ is in the last issue! I think Hamma is slowly going insane, in a good way. :rofl:

Without giving away too much I really miss Billy, Cobra Commander’s son. Something funny is going on in the book so he might be back it already on the sneak tip. We have to wait and see.

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<P>Picked up G.I. Joe #1 only because of the Baroness cover by Arthur Adams whoa! <3</P>
<P>Lol not the biggest Fred Van Lente fan but I enjoyed it. I’ll finish the current story arc at least. </P>


i kept with it, gi joe, special missions and my favorite cobra files, them and tmnt and dangergirl trinity are my idw comics in my pull.


For IDW I pick up G.I. Joe ARAH, Transformers Regeneration One, TMNT, Classic TMNT, Micro Series TMNT and both Popeye books. I was buying the new Ghostbusters series but now that the first story arc has ended I’m going to drop it.

Special thanks to Marvel Now pointless creative team swaps and the 52 Reboot over at DC freeing up a lot of my money so I can give it to IDW lol!

IDW really seems to give fans what they want nowadays while Marvel and DC seem to give fans what they think they want, and in my case they are wrong most of the time.

Sure they are banking on the nostalgia factor, but I knew Spider-Man and Batman way before G.I. Joe or TMNT. Every now and then a superhero comic can tap into the nostalgia bank. Like Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men or Morrison’s Batman run somewhere in the middle, but it’s a rare thing for me personally.


i dont have much left from dc, i just get batman n robin, redhood and katana now


Nice. Looks like IDW is gonna reprint Joe Casey’s America’s Elite.



Nice, gonna pick that up.