G.I. Joe Retaliation



I’m hyped. First one was decent enough but i like the focus they got on the ninja clans.


Hmm could be decent. While I like the Rock, Terry Crews would have fit Roadblock better.
Im surprised no CC, Destro mentioned,but Jinx, Lady Jaye(ponytail girl) and Flint are a welcome.
It’s script is by the Zombieland guys so it could be fun.


I loved the first one though it caught a lot of hate. Kinda disappointed to see Marlon isn’t coming back and they got a new Scarlett.


That’s Lady Jaye?! She’s supposed to have short hair isn’t she?


At 1;02 you can see Cobra Commander. I think it’s him at least.


I think that MIGHT have been CC that was between the Destro President and Ray stevenson during that scene in the trailer. They changed the look of Cobra to match the cartoon at least. Thats a plus.



So they killed off all of the Joes except for the token hot white hitch, ninjas, and The Rock.

Fuck this turgid festering pile of AIDS-infected monkey crap.



I liked the music. Movie was sort of hype, but it seems like another cheesy action flick, no offense, I dig those now and then.


Looks like some were captured.


I missed it thanks for the heads up re; CC.
If Channing Tatum dies in this flick, I will see it twice lol.


Looks better than the first, though Rockblock is taking up way to much screen time in that trailer. Channing Duke Tatum looks like a punk ass bitch next to him.


I recognized the actress- Adrianne Palicki from Friday Night Lights/the aborted wonder Woman pilot.


yeah i’m figuring Duke and Snake Eyes get captured.



Also Sgt. Slaughter is rumored to have a part in it.


I thought that was Bruce Willis’ character for a second until I checked and learned he plays Colton.


Is the dude with dark hair supposed to be Flint? Again, hair is throwing me off.


OMG the RZA is in! Sweet.


Yeah. 1:13 – “They’re all dead” . Actors name is DJ Cotrona


Thanks. Just checked out IMDB.


nah thats not gonna be destro as president thats zartan.

1:22 is clearly ninja team up.

i assume the yellow ninja on the mountain is storm shadow…gonna go wit the he was mindfucked storyline? or is it cobra vs joe and arishikage