-=G$$$ Invitational MVC2 Tourney 7/28 Norcal Edition=-

G-$$$ will be holding the next MVC2 ranking battle in Nor Cal this Friday 7/28 in Rocklin, CA outside sactown. This will be a singles, and team tournament so bring your A-Game for side bets and money matches galore. Tournament sign ups at 8 PM, Tourny starts 9PM sharp. Which means tourny starts whenever after 9, let me know if you will be late…thanks to Y2J for doing this at the last tourny.

You know the deal…Double elim for singles. Finals for winners/losers bracket 3outof5. Grand finals 4outof7 (unless power off in 3 minutes, in which case contestants will retire to the parking lot for a fist fight). Team Tourny single elim for 3 man team. Winners, losers, and grand finals, 2outof3 FOR THE WHOLE TEAM (the winning team will beat everyone through twice, TEAM MEMBERS CAN SWITCH UP THEIR TEAM IN LOSERS, WINNERS, AND GRAND FINALS IF THEY LOSE ONLY)

Prize structure 70-20-10 for singles and team and the winner of singles will also recieve a coupon for where to buy an XBOX 360 wholesale for 10$$$. Can’t wait to see everyone for the pre EVO ranking battle showdowns! Practice up!


Directions to Slipgater’s Rocklin mansion for all the Seattle heads that will be showing up.

309 ridgeview circle rocklin ca 95677

80 towards reno
off at taylor
right on woodside
sutter ridge apartments

i’m in… tell me more amazing things though… will there be hoes trying to touch my mas stick ? say yes,… it’s a perfect 360. hella hard spring too… anyways. aside form that. sounds good g-rot/g$$$$. -L.(the original $$$$$ “Lar-ry$”)

lol that’s right you are the OG $$$! they started calling me that down here in LA where hoes DO come to tournaments to try to touch your mas stick and make out with soo mighty. im bringing up a busload of the fanchicks for the invitational, Larry-$ has dibs on suzy

I’ll try to request this day off from work. Why can’t you make it on a saturday G? lol. I hope i can make it =]


might make it a 2 day thang or move it to saturday, when will you know if you can get work off? chunk gets ALL the ladies

What I would love to see the most this EVO is a B5 rematch between Justin vs Duc in MvC2. There can only be one true MvC2 Champion!

'cause i work friday. Friday are the days the employees need the Chunksta =] But i don’t know if im going anymore, 'cause im going to the Sounds of The Underground concert with some friends. And yes, all the ladies are waiting for me there =] I wish i could go, i’ll let you know if i can request friday off if it’s on friday, peace.


just arrived in nor cal this second, tournament on friday!

ey hit me up i wanna play the new garrett i heard so much about and there’s like no one good to play in the area… so plz plz hit me up 371-8852-L.

yo larry im playing mvc2 right now, come through WHENEVER



i don’t know you slip lol… you got a number/hit me up! LRY916 on aim

That was actually Garrett from my place…I’ll hit you up when I get home from work though.

Chunk - Awesome, glad you’re comin through. Anyone else comin with ya?


There will also be a poker game going on starting at about 10 or 11 pm, $30 buy in with a tourney style format. There’s about 7-8 people showing up just for that that don’t play marvel, so if any marvel heads want to get in on that it should be a decent prize pool.

Now I know this shit can’t happen w/o me in the mix. It Just ain’t right!

Yo larry, where the fuck have you been at? too scared to get owned by me still i see. i need some motherfucking marvel comp soon…so i’m gonna be callin & buggin you this weekend, k?

kk… you just can’t play scrubby… or imma get mad… i want a sentinel too!:lovin:

The Orochi!

YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Nick! can’t wait to kick it man! come through tonight homey

whoever can bring small tvs please do, we have three small tvs and like 4 dcs, but whoever wants to bring dcs and tvs and hookers and drugs, please dooooo! $$$$ tourny tomorrow practice up!

Im not sure who else is coming with me, so i might be rollin’ through myself. (I don’t think anyone else knows about this tourney hahaha) I’ll let them know if they wanna go =]

Also, is this tourney for sures tomorrow (Friday) or is it saturday? I want it to be tomorrow, 'cause im gonna come on friday =] Saturday im going to a concert at night. Alright ya’ll, see ya’ll tomorrow, peace.


this is slipgater posting, don’t want to change nicks.

Yeah we’re 100% sure on for friday, no worries.