G:MotW Combo Haven

Yes, there is a Garou thread already but it seems to be speaking more about strategy (which is important), this MotW thread is for the combos in the game.

I just start playing the game cause I just got a ROM for it. I don’t understand the system totally, but I learning.

I got a few Garou match vids and some of the combos look pretty hot. Im trying to land a rising tackle after a MAX shinning knuckle with rock, yet I just thought that you have to catch the oppoenent off the ground with the first hit before you can land the rising tackle…

Combos are fun, and no matter how impratical it my be, post it if its cool (actually, it doesnt even have to be cool)

It’s sad, but when I play this game I mostly stick to the tried-and-true 2 in 1s for the most part. I have no idea about feints and breaks or whatever, but I can still hold my own playing with the O.G. knowledge. One thing I like about MOTW is being able to juggle after counter hits. I’ll keep an eye on this thread, so any combo-fiends throw it down in here.

Zero fan huh?

with rock jab jab deadly neo rave looks cool don’t it?

I still think you could post combos in the other Garou Thread, because there are already lots of combos mentioned. :wink:

anyway try this with Terry for fun^^:

opponent in corner, j.D, s.C, Feint, s.C, Feint, c.C, Buster Wolf

another for the corner, ff+C, s.C, Feint, s.C, f+C, Triple Geyser

Sorry, Im a MotW scrub … how do you feint?

You should check out a gamefaqs guide for the basics such as feint and breaks. Feint is d+AC or f+AC. Both feints look different, some push you back more than others, so some feints allow more comboability than others. I believe Terry’s combo uses f+AC feint.

Terry’s dp+B(break), into dp+B or buster wolf is an important combo. You should be using the dp+B(breaked) constantly, as it has no recovery if blocked, but if it connects, you can followup with dp+B or buster wolf. Terry has some insane guard crush attack strings similar to what Terry nb posted…C, feint, C, feint, crouch C, f f+A, C, feint, C, feint, crouch C, qcf+A (guard crush), then f f+A, C, feint C, feint, crouch C, Buster Wolf. I can’t do this one though, requires some skill.

Here are some of my flashy Kevin combos:


  1. Jump D, Crouch C, qcfx2+B, Jump D, Crouch C, qcfx2+B, Jump D, C, qcf+K(Break), qcb+A(hold)


  1. Jump D, C, qcf+K(Break), qcfx2+B, qcfx2+B, qcb+A(hold)
  2. Jump D, C, qcf+K(Break), qcb+A(hold), qcfx2+D, qcb+A(hold)
  3. Jump D, C, qcf+K(Break), qcb+A(hold), qcfx2+A, qcb+A(hold), qcfx2+A, qcb+A(hold)

Combo 3 does the most damage but the timing is tricky. I usually don’t go for it. Combo 1 that can be done everywhere, can have extra feints added before crouch C (like C, feint crouch C) but I don’t go for that.

Landing qcb+A after qf+K(break) also has some timing issues. Takes a bit of practice. You must hold the qcb+A for less than a second and then release, or else it will whiff (and holding too much will make the opponent hit the ground already).

I would just like to say this game’s combo system was designed to break your fingers in two.

I mean the f+A+C Feint. It’s better to use in the combos I mentioned, because of the f motion.

The blockstring is hard for sure, but if you don’t involve any kick or dp+B (break) motions it can be learned pretty quickly. The good thing is, that the A and C buttons are used in the Feints and they are the normals for the blockstring. This means you can fully concentrate on them with you fingers.^^ As an ender I always recommend you c.C then Buster Wolf, because it is more easy to combo after c.C. and it does in the end a bit more damage then the s.C, f+C, Triple Geyser ender or just c.C into Triple Geyser …

I see. Ill look at Gamefaqs. But keep thoughs combos comin

Some combos I posted at SNK-Capcom Forums:

Jae Hoon:

(Corner only) Jump in A, (sD into d + AC faint, dash in quickly)x 11, cC, qcfx2 + D P Super

The timing on this one is pretty difficult…I’ve only been able to do 4 reps of the sD into d + AC faint, then dash in quickly. I also have a video clip of this combo being done and yes it’s for the Set1 Arcade version or DC version of Garou. Requires great timing and speed.


(Mid Screen) Hold down the C button, cross-up D, sD, dp + A into break, release C.

The tricky part is just making sure you hold down C the whole time during that combo. Not really too hard after a few tries…though I use a stick not sure about you pad players ha. If you charge the C long enough you can get a lot more hits and does way more damage then the simple charge.


(Anywhere) qcf + B into break, qcfx2 + B S super, qcb + D, qcf + B into break, qcfx2 + B S super, qcb + D, qcf + B into break, DP + A

Not really too hard to do, not very reliable in a match but if you get that qcf + B go for it ha. It’s more flashy than anything so use it for when you know you can land it. You can also dash in instead of doing the qcb + D if that is easier for you guys. You might have to wait a bit if you use the dash version. I like using the qcb + D since it gives you some meter as you do the combo also. Have fun.


Hey Nocturnal, any way we can see the clip of that Jae Hoon combo?

Here are some good long string combos, yeah some are like what you guys wrote, but these are I ones that I know:
Corner: Jumping HK/HP–>Crouching HP–>QCB+LK, Break–>QCFx2+HK
Croner: Jumping HK/HP–>Crouching HP–>QCB+LK, Break–>TOP Attack–>QCFx2+HK
Corner: Jumping HK/QCB+LK, Break–>QCB+K in the air–>QCFx2+K

Gato’s got A LOT of good combos due to his juggles. Here’s he best combo:
Corner: Jumping HP–>D+LP+LK–>QCB+HK then LK–>QCB+LK, then LK–>F, D, DF+LK–>QCFx2+HP
Awe your friends with 75% damage Gato combo :karate:

Jumping HP–>Standing HP–>QCFx2+HP
[Jumping HP–>Standing HP/D+LP+LK–>QCFx2+LK] (x2)–>Jumping HP–>D+LP+LK–>QCF+K, Break–>F, D, DF+LP

This one for Rock I got from Hibikester of SNK-Capcom forums…or was it Giby?
Corner: 360+HP, Break–>QCB+LP–>QCFx2+HK–>Charge D then U+HP

Now this was from Giby & Hibikester for Butt-
Corner: Jumping HK–>Standing HK–>F, D, DF+LP, Break–>TOP Attack–>Lvl. 4 Ryuko Ranbu
You could use the K. Koho instead BTW, but if you wanna awe someone, use the RR.

Now who else?
Bah, guess that’s it from me for now, and remember Big Griffon Fall’s the most badass super throw evah!


Anyone know any good feint strings for Gato? I just started learning this game and I love it.

LiSyaoran3063 - be cautious of getting combos from gamefaqs for this game. Apparently, there were a number of people even on there who did not realize that there was SUCH a big diff between versions of this game.

When doing combo faqs (ESPECIALLY for Garou), it is VERY much adviced that you mention what version of the game you are performing your combos on.

Keep Play’n. Peace

Here you go:


The video quality sucks but you can see what is happening…so yes its possible to do it. Then again though I think they used macros for that ha…cause its pretty hard to do. Enjoy.


Woho, that is a sick combo, I’ll try this for sure, but it seems nearly unbelivabile to do so much times. Anyway, thanks a lot for the vid. Even if I’ll never play Jae, I like to test combos … Hell but this one is definatly not for a normal match, the chance to fuck up is to big (also the damage is not 100%, so not a match worthy try, Jae has other good easy stuff^^–> for example with the opponent in corner j.A, c.B, c.C, qcf qcf+A, qcf qcf+B).

jA, C, cB, d,u+D, AB, qcfx2+A, qcfx2+B would be better in the corner. Jae can also do these in the corner;

jA, C, cBx3, qcfx2+K
sA, cB, sA, qcfx2+K
cBx5 qcfx2+K
jA, C, cB, cC, qcf+D/qcf+P/qcfx2+K

He has a ton of simple corner combos.

Yep, but he is not the only one with some relative easy high damage stuff and thanks for the combo info about Jae.

Kevin corner combo:

sC, qcb+A(hold)CD, sC, qcb+A(hold)CD, sC, qcb+A(hold)CD, cC, qcb+A(hold)CD, cC, qcf+D, AB, qcb+A, qcfx2+D, qcf+D, qcb+A. You can’t do this in T.O.P mode. The reason I have the cancels in is cause I can do this many with the cancels and not the feints, I’m using a pad, so its kind of hard for me to get the feints down the way I want. You might be able to do this with the feints, so if can, replace the qcb+A(hold)CD with a f+AC.

Jenet can be done near or in the corner:
qcf+D, AB, jump d+D, D, D, jump d+D, D, D, qcfx2+K I’ve gotten 3 flying kicks in the combo before, so there’s a slight chance you can do more.

Jae anywhere:

Cross up jA/B, sA/cB, cC, qcf+D/qcf+P/qcfx2+K