G:MotW Frame Data

Would this be valuable at all if I did this? Or is it not even worth doing.

It’s already been done.
Howardarena has a full set of frame data I believe.
Links across the top are to the different characters frame data.

And uhh, I can’t remember who off hand, but several of the guys here put together near complete frame data for everyone. The startup times were 3/4 frames off due to emulator delay, but the +/- was solid. It was in the garou thread…

Go here for frame data:


Scroll down to the middle should be around there…take care.


Ok, Thanks

I have to be reading this wrong, cause according to that, d.Hwan gets+13 on block with qcf:+b, meaning free c.B,c.C,c.D is free on block. And I never get that.