G-Town's Survival O' The Fittest RanBats

I want to start a scene here in Galveston or surrounding cities which is probably the deadest place on the planet for serious fighters. We use to have cvs2 tourneys at Game Crazy but it stopped about a year and a half ago. So I was wondering if somebody in the near future would like to support it just give me a hollar. I started taking fighting games seriously my last year of high school so I was late on a lot of shit. Too bad there are really no arcades down here in G-Town.

Eventually, when I get another job I was going to start hosting tournaments, and winner would recieve prizes and cash. But right now just to see how many people I could get to support I would just like to have it at my crib until I feel that it will attract new comers. Either that or my group of niggas that do play could come to whoever invites us, and play yall. But It’s whatever hopefully I spark some interest thanks. We usually go to planet zero almost every wednesday to friday.

Chou DBZ/SSBM RanBat 1v1’s (no longer teams by suggestion)
Friday, August 3rd
***6:30 P.M ***
(Details bottom of thread)

GGAC/Chou DBZ RanBat 1v1’s
Friday, August 17th
***8:00 P.M ***

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 1v1’s
1st Classic Day- Sept 1st
4:00 P.M Central time

More in September…

Holla at me if your up for some matches.

Aim Name: dawordman07

why don’t you meet up with Houston for CVS2, there are quite a few that still do play that game around there.

By the way everyone in Houston dropped slash now that Accent Core is out on Japanese PS2

I already met some dudes that play that game. But these are the games I’m interested in right now to grow. Yeah , GGXX/ is dropped but it’s what I have on the ps2 right now. I only travel to get something out of it otherwise I’d just GGXX/ unless everybody decides to go to the zero.

i live in league city and work at mall of the mainland in texas city. i play marvel though. :-/

Is that the only game you play? If so do you have friends that also play?

yeah thats pretty much the only game i can kinda play. id try and pick up ggac for something different. i usually just go to rudy or big chris house to play, they live in houston.

shit man. I’d probably get me and my boy Tarzan to come play you. Since Mall of the Mainlan is like our place of residents.

A MONEY MATCH I SAY!!! ($15-40)

My team: Omega Red/Sentinel/Magneto


k, im pretty scrubby, but im down. when do you wanna play?

hey do you wanna play?

uhh…maybe tomorrow or later this week. Been trying to get back on the ball social life wise.

yeah thats cool just let me know. msg me on aim or something. drjoeyhernandez


Survival of The Fittest Ranbats- (Starting August 3rd):
I have changed the Game roster. I’ve added other games but some of them only to be held on special occasions. Friday or saturday is classic day which will come every blue moon. It took me some time to figure what I really wanted to do, and how I wanted everythng to be setup. Now that I’ve decided here it is. Mine you I like the classics better but I’m going to rep the new games now. Console Play.
Main Games:Chou DBZ-SSBM-DOA2U-GGAC-Sam Sho Ten-CvS2 (have not recieved will get soon)
***For the main games those will be the only 4 fighters we will be playing until KOF 98 Ultimate Match, Melty Blood v.B, or some other good fighter I’m interested in makes it to ps2. ***
Classics:3S, ST, Vampire (PS2), MvC2, others
Here are the formats for us when playing certain games, sometimes may vary depending on day. Also I might edit the schedule. Seeing as most peeps will leave for Evo, and I wont make it because of I’m going back to college soon.

Chou DBZ/SSBM RanBat
Friday, August 3rd
B.Y.O.C. (Bring Your Own Controllers)
***Time: 6:30-CDBZ, then Smash immeadiately afterwards. ***

Before the tourney begins you can get some warm ups in.
On this day Chou DBZ will be 4v4 crew format, two crews(whoever shows up or prepared crew), single elimination, 3 round matches, and players must keep the same character until a crew is defeated. I’m not sure if this will take too long so if you can suggest something different with the format I’m all ears.

Smash will be teams 1v1. Double elimination, Loser picks stage, 2 out of 3’s, and only to have two mains for counterpick measures. SMASH IS NO LONGER TEAMS.

If at all interested just get a hold of me ahead of time by aim of course or just pm me here. Or just post in thread to let me know. I will give you the directions to how to make it to the location which will be given soon enough.

I’ll put you on the lists, and try to get everything ready. When Sept 14th rolls around the ranbats will definitely have money matches, and prizes to make up for guys traveling spending money. So then it will be worth it if you do make it.

Thank You for your time, and hope you gimme a hollar.


Large chance I won’t make it.
Travel too much around Texas these past 2 weeks, lol.

SeizureGummies: It’s cool bro. You probably went to TrashDay3 anyway. If u can make it though just let me know. Just pm or aim so i can give you the directions toward Galveston from where your at from MapQuest, etc.

OK So Here’s the deal everyone that has seen this thread. I’m trying to find a location for my ranbats. Does anybody think I should hold it at a store (Like Gamestop or GameCrazyX) in which I think they will let me, or should I hold it at my own crib?- Food, Drinks, and etc so no need to buy stuff on the way here. Here are the people I have scrounged up so far. Some I know I can reach but I will say unconfirmed until I edit it.
SSBM 2v2 Team Squabble
Team Gravy: G.O.T (Doc Mario/C.F)/KAZE aka MLUV (Samus)
Team WeSoNice: Tarzan (Fox/Falcon)/Matt Damon (Falco)
Team Pleasant-confirmed: Spim(Peach/Shiek)/Waynehead (Jiggs)
Team Sensei-unconfirmed: Sensei (Fox/Peach)/???
***Team ???: Unknown ***
***Team ???: Unknown ***

Details on Chou DBZ 4v4 coming up soon folks but I might have to cancel this one If I can’t get no one.


SSBM 1v1 Squabble
MLUV aka Kaze-Sama
Matt Damon
***Waynehead ***

***OK So this is the final list. If I can get a camera I’ll post the matches on here for all to see if not I’ll just give you all the results and etc. It didn’t seem like many ppl could find their teammates to play with. Also I cancelled the dbz crew battle, and made it 1v1’s instead also. : (. Everybody is like freaking disappearing right when I need them lol. ***

Super DBZ will be definitely be in greater form the next time I hold it.

Chou DBZ RanBat
$ Matches are acceptable past this point. So bring the hype.
Entry: $3
CDBZ: 1st-$35, 2nd-$25, 3rd-A job well done
Sept. 14th Friday
Location: I’ll see if I can hold it at my college or either of my homeboys’ houses. Samurai Showdown Tenka will be the next main game afterwards.

:sad::sad::sad:My DBZ broke.