G-Vegas Beatdown 3 Greenville Sc Reults


thanks guys for all coming out I will post full results soon but in the meantime here are some of the

SF4: (45 People)

  1. Arthur Korous
  2. Lobo
  3. Jonathan bacout
  4. kevin Hutchinson
  5. Luiz
  6. Andrew Koonrod
  7. Desmond
  8. Druseph
  9. Justin Denning
  10. Rog Zombie
  11. Uncle Buck
  12. Shannon Beyer
  13. Kevin S
  14. Paul Morales
  15. Dreamboat
  16. Shiki
  17. Jesus
  18. Frank the Tank
  19. Filldoh
  20. Rahul Galhwad
  21. Kieth D
  22. Brill
  23. Carey Carson
  24. Jerome Venable
  25. Byron Cunningham
  26. Nick Shart
  27. Bum
  28. Dwaine Simmons
  29. Mike Ocampo
  30. Devin Smith
  31. Parat Tough
  32. Druseph
  33. Michael Adam
  34. Stephen Lewis
  35. Luu Nguyer
  36. Nich Phan
  37. David Gills
  38. Rob Simdog
  39. Julian Hernandez
  40. Cliff Overstreet
  41. Matt Hart
  42. Face
  43. David Lee
  44. Mike Gibson
  45. Michael Pervis


  1. desmond
  2. shiki
  3. lobo
  4. Kevin
  5. Druseph
  6. Face
    7 Brill


  1. LG
  2. Ace
  3. Tak
  4. God Spartan


  1. Byron
  2. Corey
  3. LUU
  4. Frank
  5. John
  6. Julian
  7. Nick


  1. Filldoh
  2. Shamar
  3. Bryan
  4. God Spartan
  5. Justin Denning
  6. Clay
  7. lance
  8. Camearon


  1. Ace
  2. Buck
  3. Jesus
  4. Shiki
  5. Filldoh
  6. Brill
  7. Mike


  1. Tak
  2. Byron
  3. keyon
  4. Keith
  5. Jacob
  6. JB Scott
  7. Bum
  8. Matt
  9. Kevin

3rd strike

  1. Lobo
  2. Face
  3. Cliff
  4. Julian
  5. Kevin
  6. Buck
  7. Mike
  8. Luiz

Full Results


I placed 13th or 14th in SFIV. Fuckin’ proud of myself.


Good job NC! :party:


im not sure if you’re aware of it but LG actually got first in tekken and i got 2nd.


Charleston pad scrubs for the win! I think paul and I still choke too hard at tournys, as I was doing really well in casuals lol BUT THOSE DON’T COUNT. I’m excited for the next one. Maybe you guys can make it to a charleston tourny some day.


Was Arthur Korous the Sagat or the Blanka?


he was the blanka, i was the sagat


GGs to everyone who showed to the tourney. N.C.-- Thanks for coming out. Des: I want some matches against that El Fuerte. Ace: good shit in ST.


Very cool.
Thought you were going to take it with Sagat.


Buck I am looking for that rematch online. That 360 pad did me in ; )

Very nice Chun-Li


Ah, you win some you lose some. It’s always a different story when you play in a match that has pressure. Just takes experience to get all the consistency in. All well deserved good games that everyone had. Arthur and I have been best friends for a long time so we play each other wayyy too much haha. Lobo had a great gief that is just scary to play against. Good meeting you buck again. If anyone wants to play this week anywhere feel free to send me a message. Would like to get some prac before me and arthur head to impact clash. I don’t really play many matchups besides rog, ryu, chun, and blanka haha.


Good seeing/meeting everyone again.

Matches from my group will be up today/tonight.

Next time I’ll actually enter haha.


this shit was a lot of fun, with only a few hiccups(save file deleted, lack of save files) causing it to run long. But all in all i was happy that we had such a huge turnout. I loved seeing so many good matches.

I am going to make a few changes, cut a few games(sorry it looks as if Tekken & Marvel are dead) and have the next one in July.

Thanks again for everyone coming out.

oh and ace thanks for pointing that out I edited the first post, I was just going off what was on the sign in sheet.


Props to all who came to this tournament, upstate SC used to run fairly large tournaments and it looks like we’re still capable. Outside of a few tournament hiccups as noted by phil, it was a great time.

Cola crew Keyon / Jacob / etc, thanks for coming up guys, keep working on guilty. You guys are improving faster than Byron and I did at that skill level.

NC Face / Lobo / Des / etc, thanks for coming down to show support to your lower neighbor. Congrats Lobo on SF4 finish and Des your Fuerte is is a headache in a mask.

GA Coos and crew, man you trip me out every time i see you. Thanks for coming up to show support.

Charleston / Clemson / other people in SC i didnt’ mention, i didn’t know you existed and im really impressed at your skill. Keep it up and lets hit up games more often.

Goons, damn you Larry. Damn you too Dez where did you go.

Guilty Gear players, thanks for the moneyzzzzzzzzzz


Special Shout out to TAK, Buck, Jesus, Shamar, Andrew, and Cliff for running brackets bringing shit and overall just helping with everything. This shit would have been murder on me if not for you guys. Thanks again,


thnx again man… Look out arthuro im taking first next time:wink:


had a great time, I look forward to the next one. Love to see the entire bracket breakdown when it becomes available


pay back

filldoh i want you to enjoy your victory next one i will win



thanks to everyone who came to the gvegas beatdown tournament filldoh and i hope to see you all there for the next one


Got some vids here.


Didn’t get the finals, but I got the hypest match of the day.

Make sure you watch it haha.