G1 Dans

Hows your experience so far in comparrison to G2?

So far in my experience it is tougher, and Ive only faced 1 Ryu . though it could just be an a coincidence and Ryu will be back in full force next time.

I wish they would hide the GP of your opponent, I totally psyche myself out. My first fight was a 38kGP Ryu, I was like shit, this dudes gonna pound me (ala my first foray into G2). I ended up taking the rounds 2-0. pretty soundly. but overall I played about 15 matches, and all my opponents, were much better than the garden variety g2 player (not one of them ever bit on a focus bait on their wake up, I was like what the hell, thats usually good for at least a couple punishes in a match). Unless I just happened to get 15 good players in a row, those people that say G1 is just like g2 are on crack.

It didnt help for my nerves either that my points happened to work out that I got into g1 1pt over 15k. I was like I dont want to be the loser in g1 with less than 15k gp :).

played some more last night… seems to be a wider range of character selection in g1, but I thought that in g2 also, then the Ryu bus came into town. I am seeing alot of sims (and I swear to god every sim match has noticeable lag).

The caliber of competition in G1 is generally much better than G2. There’s still the occasional player who comes by and makes you wonder “wow, how did this guy get here?”. And then in all likelihood, you’ll have a couple of games yourself that will make other people think the same thing about you. :wink:

Points aren’t always everything. Last night, I lost to a Bison who was down around 14500 points, while I dizzied and beat a Sagat at 47000. I probably took the Bison too lightly, as I tend to do occasionally against players in the 14000s (I mean, he had to lose how many games to get that low?). You really can’t let your guard down too much in G1, and many players will catch on to sneaky tricks sooner than later.

Oh yeah, I have those games where I brain fart my way into a horrible loss, and thought this guy has got to think im horrible.

In general yeah points arent everything, especially regarding those that play alot of player matches or play alot offline gp does not indicate actual skill. But being somebody that has ZERO offline/arcade experience in SF4. I would expect someone with that much more GP to be a good deal better than me, mind you I havent had any cakewalks yet, every match has pretty much pushed me to the extent of my ability, even if I won by a decisive margin.

Whats the deal with sagats? Tiger spam not popular in g1? Im 2-2 vs Sagat so far and all 4 had the same strategy. cr. lp/lk c.mk > lk knee. Over and over and over again. Its very open to reversals, and counters. They are very single minded in this approach, Im not used to Sagats coming at me like this, but I prefer it, to navigating the tiger spam.

I’ve met some decent Dan players in G1. You shouldn’t underestimate them.

That bison was me, 14700ish =P I’ve been playing on random for the last week or so because I am sick of playing as gen for 99% of my matches. I lose way way more now but it is more fun than winning with the sameish moves all the time, not to mention mk->hands is giving me carpel tunnel or whatev. I still manage to win quite a few matches, just when I end up getting fei long, dhalsim etc chars that are hard to just pick up and play i get owned pretty bad.

Thinking about taking dan seriously now though because he is another low tier that has some decent potential. Never been one to pick what everone else does even if it is the better choice =/

there are some matchups that will annoy the piss out of you as dan, again quicker pokes and or a sakura like fireball so it can still be kinda jokey, would really give dan a better shot. But if it made more people select him, i wouldnt like it, I like havin dan be low key.

Funny you should say that, being both a Dan and Sakura player I might be slightly inclined to say the Gadouken is better than Sakura’s Hadouken :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh for how I wish Sakura to have a better Hadouken game/mechanic :frowning:

Just 34 more championship wins and I’ll be in G-1 lol. I hope what they say is still true about more skilled players, tired of routine baiting lp shoryukens punish rinse repeat to win. Even though they piss me off I’m hoping to find Zangiefs in G-1, and hopefully you other G-1 Dan mainers.

there are still some players, you will encounter that make ya go hmmm…

But in g2, toward the end of my stay I was getting to finals damn near every run. Ive been to one so far in g2, so in my experience the comp is better.

I face alot of Giefs. Im guessing alot of people, switched to gief in G1 because its easy to win with him, expecially if there is some lag. I would even go so far as to say its easier to win matches with gief than say sagat or ryu against most of the cast. Im getting sick of pummeling giefs into submission, only to make a single mistake that will cost you the match, literally, a gief with max ultra, that thing will take off 70-80 percent of your health. There is NO safe lead vs gief. I almost lost a round to a gief, that got 1 command throw, and 1 ultra on me and I was a sliver away from death, thats all it takes. Other characters with a huge lead you can afford mistakes, gief can damn near go from getting dominated to evening the game up or winning with a couple moves.

You play alot of the same players as well, I can easily play and hour and play 2-3 players a few times a piece in that time. I got a gut I played 3 times today, I beat his guile (assuming his main) beat his gen(it was domination), then he beat me with sagat(barely). Its gratifying when someone goes to top tier after exhausting their resources against dan :slight_smile:

Mf troll!

why do you guys even bother playing with a char who’s special is unsafe or very slow and has no zone or spacing capabilities?

Because every other character on the cast lacks one essential thing…

Saikyo Spirit.

More seriously (And to clarify)…

Most of us don’t “Play to win”

We “Play to win with Dan”

It’s very satisfying to know that when you’ve completely decimated your opponent, it wasn’t because you were given exemplary tools to work with, but because you were truly better than your opponent.

I’m almost at G1 (13,000+) so I’ll get back to you on that.

@Brainsplitter: Dan is more than zoning and spacing. He’s all about the mind games and I love playing him for that. When you and your opponent are both deadlocked in a crouching standoff, one waiting for the other to do something, nothing throws them off more than a taunt followed by an Ultra or Knee of Justice when they try to counter. Also, Dan actually has a great pressure game and counters several “high tier” characters easily.

I’m in G2 and I find myself consistently beating those 10k+ GP people I run into more than the 3k+ people. I think my style is just more high level that I actually suck against scrubs, and am decent against good players. I don’t play all that much, but I would like to get into G1 because I think I would do better.

Also to that guy that said it is easier to win with Zangief, you’re kinda wrong. Giefs matchups are either easy or impossible, there is no middle ground. So if a gief runs through a lot of his easy matchups on the way to a championship then it’ll be an easy win, but if he runs into even 1 impossible then it’s back to round 1 most likely.

Same for me, I’m at about 14300 GP, and I lose MUCH more to people rated 4000 and lower than I lose to people 10,000+

I tought perhaps I was mind gaming myself, but I’m really starting to think that for some reason, there are a bunch of people who just know what they’re doing in that range.

I’m still winning most of my games, people just can’t deal with the Dan. (Although I’m cheating, I use Seth too. =[ )

Thats true its just a matter of adjusting, new players use risky tactics no decent player would, repeatedly, and if your not expecting it they can get the jump on you, its just a matter of identifying it and adjusting your strategy.

As for gief, have you played with him online? a little luck and a little lag is all you need, to win out most of the time. Sure he has some tough matchups but still.

why not? I play a character I like, I like the challenge, and like beating opponents with “the shittiest character” in the game.

and he does have zoning and spacing capabilities, just because you dont do it with a fire ball doesnt mean you cant do it. In fact alot of dans game is positioning your self, and baiting your opponent where you want him.

and elaborate on what you mean by special being unsafe, which special or specials?

if you fancy a roll in the hay with this character I shouldnt bother playing with, feel free to add me.

It’s all in the title of Mr Splitter’s so-called “post”: troll

There’s two simple reasons that tier whores just don’t seem to understand:

  1. We play for fun
  2. Dan is fun

What’s hard to understand about that? Playing a game, for fun? Must be a difficult concept for some people :rolleyes:

I enjoy Dan, both the character and how he plays. As much fun as it is for me to play as Dan I also think it’s fun for the opponent to play against (my) Dan :slight_smile:

I don’t think I’m all that good but I’ve got plenty of compliments on my Dan, win or lose, you think I’d have got those compliments if I was a sheep and played Ryu?

You’re going to be a sheep in somebody’s eyes no matter what you do, so you may as well just do what you like

whew first g1 final win down. Replay should be up shortly vs a bison. and no i didnt taunt once, I wanted victory.

I almost almost fucked it up at the end of round 2, my cross up fucked up his ultra fortunately and he did the teleport to the same place move, i crossed up with a mk danku, and supered (the chip would have killed him thats why I did it) Once I saw the teleport I was like FUCK, had he meant to actually tp and tp away he had all day then to ultra me, fortunately he did not, and I won.

Whew been busy for awhile but I’m finally a G1 Dan, yet I’ve been finding same turtle ryus. Little more diversity now. Btw is there a SG Dan yet?