G115 Portable Console Setup


Anyone own one? Any short thoughts or reviews?

I’m googling information as I type this but being of the FGC we’re pickier than your average gamer, especially when it comes to screen/etc lag.

100% sure I saw some japanese guy from evo2012 have one and thought it was sick.


Also I forgot the rule when it comes to Composite, Component, and HDMI in regards to lag.



We STILL have dead pixels in this day and age on LCD’s made for game consoles???

I didn’t like the excuses made for the pixel problems on the PSP why should it be any different 7 years later???
Who’s in charge of QA and why is this still acceptable today?

This stinks!

The quality of electronics I’ve noticed has gone done quite a bit in recent years. The acceptable rate of buggy units and malfunctioning tech is too high, IMHO. It wasn’t like this with the older systems pre-PS1 and the old tube TV sets sure lasted a lot longer, too.

FYI – Personally, I wouldn’t take a console on the road nowadays with all the problems with airlines and luggage getting lost.
People have enough troubles with carrying joysticks as it is!

This is all just a bit… BULKY. I know there’s no convenient solution for most current fighting games but a lot of the retro stuff can be played on laptops.


I have one and the monitor doesnt have any dead pixels. I wouldnt recommend it for fighting games though simply because the viewing angles are horrible. I do have a 22" xbox laptop that I got custom built and love it.