G20 Summit - Our Streets

Anybody following this? Dunno if they are showing it in the US, but the cops are out in full force after protesters went a little crazy.

Its gonna nice and ugly a few times. Cops are just rounding people up. Producer from CTV news got arrested. Cops on horses didnt work so well when people started knocking em off the horses.

Im so excited craziness came to Canada. Crowds keep getting bigger. How about next few G20s do NOT come to Canada again. Ever.



cops need to stop pussying around and bust out the m16s

Please, this shit comes with every G20.

Cops Kill Father-to-Be in Botched Marijuana Raid | StoptheDrugWar.org


i’ll take a weekend of riots for years of godlike

Okay, so which one of you is wearing the shoryuken tshirt


Hahaha, I love how these idiots think they’re qualified to dictate right and wrong because they’ve watched a few conspiracy videos on the internet. Glad I just moved out of TO, my work was a 5 min walk from all of this, and was conveniently opened throughout the duration of the summit.

I remember about 2 weeks ago someone wrote “G20 = New World Order” in massive red letters on a streetcar stop just across the street. That’s one hefty vandalism charge I think.

holy shits, our number one priority is to find out who the fuck that is lol. Seriously, that image needs to be this sites logo lol.

Anywho, have you heard about some of the newly created laws for this summit?

arrested for standing 5m away from a fence. Filming cops/security/etc = YOU GO TO JAIL. Also, if cops ask for your id u must instantly show them it or go to jail. Seriously, why don’t they just have G20 summit meetings on a fucking air craft carrier in the middle of the ocean???

^yeah thats what people have been saying. just keep it at an undisclosed location but make it live on tv or something. no need to shut down cities. Honestly I feel like out local news was egging on something like this all week (city tv) all they were (subtlely) saying all week was how “the cops are taking extreme measures for the security” and promoting the group (the dudes dressed in black masks) who go to massive protests to cause ruckus. I saw it coming.

every time you have a large group of cops and an even larger group of self-righteous pricks youre guaranteed at least a little violence. One side pumps up the other until they explode

But also, Its not very hard to just stay the fuck away from the downtown core when you know shit like this is happening.

Edit: lol the SRK guy and the Geico caveman in that photo are killing me right now.

i had problems with the cops corralling the people. Or suddenly charging at groups of people who were shown on ALL the news networks to not be doing anything besides being just marched somewhere. What do you expect when you march dozens of horse mounted cops AT people, as well as fire rubber bullets (police chief said it never happened, yet there is clearly footage of rubber bullets found all over the ground, and news stations have brought this up), and have a FUCKTON of fully equipped riot cops (i lol’d at the ones with tiny little shields) bum rushing people.

I was watching CTV, and saw them marching a shitload of people down the streets, and one cop runs up behind some guy and shoves him to the ground while he is walking away. Shit came REALLY close to getting ugly after that, with a ton of people coming to help him back up and get pissy with the cops. That was totally uncalled for, and ended with a cop getting knocked the fuck off his horsie

Seriously. They need to watch more 24…the summits should be taking place underground somewhere.

What asshat leaves home with no ID?

And hover carrier over a large body of water for meetings? HELL yeah…if it was good enough for Cobra Commander, it’s good enough for everyone else who wants to steer a country.

i rarely bring my id with me. Also, the problem is that they shouldn’t be able to arrest and detain you just because you won’t tell them exactly who you are. If you don’t wanna tell a nosy cop who you are, fuck em. They shouldn’t have the right to be dicks just cuz some world leaders will eventually be in the city.

lol I am picturing Obama screaming Re-TREEEEEEEEAT

Oh, you’re in Canada. Blow me down…no wonder. Here in the states, you see, we like people to have ID on their person. We don’t do old-school Germany style “Present your papers, Juden!”. No, that’s not the reason. The reason is that makes it easier for police to process fucktards who get arrested doing something illegal, rather than just take their word when they give them the name of a friend rather than their own, and it’s a BIG help in notifying family members when some poor schmuck lands in the hospital, unable to talk, or is killed, you know? Rather than having people calling hospitals going “My uncle’s been missing fer 2 days, ey? Have ya seen 'im? His name’s…oh jeeze, that won’t help…we’se ain’t inta carrying ID around in these parts.”, the family members are alerted pretty quick.


silly canadians…

Wow @ the dude in the SRK shirt going bonus stage on the cop car :lol: