G3 Laser Mouse, Tekken 5 SG, Unreal Tournament

Logitech G3 Laser Mouse (Vista) - $25 (shipped) - Includes packaging
I got this for UT3 on ps3 but there is no
way I can get comfortable playing the game
w/ out a desk. It has up to 2000 dpi. (pc only) 1600 dpi (ps3)
Only used a couple times.

Unreal Tournament for PS3 complete (Mint) $25 + 2 shipping

Tekken Strategy Guide (Brady Games) $8 (shipped)

15 ft. hdmi cable 1.3a $15 (+2 shipping) new
Got this on monoprice but still to short for
my desktop pc > hdtv. I will throw in
an dvi > hdmi adapter for free. Cable is wrapped in some
kind of mesh.