G3Evolution 2v2 GGXXAC, Sat. Mar. 29th - Miss. Ont

Alright this is going to be our first 2v2 Accent Core tournament so i hope to make this a good one.

DATE - Saturday March 29th 2008
TIME - Casuals start at 12:00PM - 2:45PM / Tournaments start 3:00PM / More Casuals After the tournament
ENTRY FEE - 5$ per team (2.50$ each member)
PAY OUT - 1st place 80%/2nd Place 20%
LOCATION - Mississauga, Ontario (Eglinton & Winston Churchill) (please email me @ holla_back_yall@hotmail.com or flimzee00@gmail.com for directions and address)

FORMAT - 2v2 Double Elimination

The 2v2 will run in this format…
Team 1, playerA vs Team 2, playerA
Team 1, playerB vs Team 2, playerB
and if each team has won once then there is a decider match between winning players of from both teams, otherwise the winning team advances.

Winners & Losers Finals - Best of 3 Set
Grand Finals - Best of 5 Set
(Losers have to win a Best of 3 Set, then a Best of 5 set)

I hope people understand this format. Ask any questions here if you dont understand.


  • default time (99secs)
  • Best of 5 rounds (this might change)
  • brackets done by rank
  • can set controls before match
  • only FRC macro allowed
  • double elimination

Winners, Losers, and Grand Finals will be recorded and placed on G3Evo Youtube account.

Please bring your own controller/arcade stick… and bring da HYPE not the HATE.

Please post here or email me if you are attending. Thanks and hope to see everyone there!

holla_back_yall@hotmail.com or flimzee00@gmail.com

Good luck to whoever plays. Team games are always interesting. I want to see some videos with the mic, too.

If you add a 2v2 Arcana Heart tournament I’m there.

If there is no AH, I will show up anyway and play casual. I have a birthday party at night so I can’t stay long.

:rofl: I don’t even think there will ever be enough numbers for a 2 on 2 Arcana tournament. That would shock me. This day is right smack dab in the middle of term papers and exams, so, thank goodness I’m taking a break from AC, else I’d feel bad not showing up and playing.

when do the lies end?

Are you joking? Or are you actually questioning my credibility? :lol: But, I’m serious, I’m mad busy that weekend.

lol naw, im talkin about u playin ggxxac. everytime u play u bust out a whole new arsenal of characters. its ridiculous.

But, they’re never good. I’ll admit, I probably learn one combo with like Jam, Millia, Baiken, my gay-ass Sol and that phase I had playing Testament, but that’s about it and when I play these characters they probably all suck very hard. (Adding OS and Dizzy). This tournament is sure to be hype though.

I am not much of a GG player, so if I came, it would probably be just for the casuals. Is there a chance of having another game tourney afterwards? That would be good too.

the way this tournament is running it will be very long so i doubt there will even be time. your more then welcome to play ggac casuals tho, its a prime experience to get good practice cuz many players can advise you on how to get better

Ok.I’m gonna be a soldier and march there.But I’ll still have no partner… =/

this thread lacks hype, so i’ll create some

Dice just offered to drive me to sauga, ** so if uni or LG’s new gundam doesnt own me too much, Pui shall go to sauga**

holy shit. Pui is going to sauga for once, thats hype right there lol

On the condition that i get to macro FRC and also p+k in order for me to be able to FRC johnny’s 421/623s, coz the default FRC button doesnt work for that move’s FRC.

I’ll be looking forward to playing ah and mbac casuals tho… coz i havent played those for a long long time. actually i’ve never played ah on console… lol.

hype it up.

Pui just exploded this tournament with his hype.

I would normally ask for a ride and go, but I can’t this time because I got 2 programming assignments due the week after. But good luck running this Rae. :tup:

Holy $h!t hype is right.Let me in that ride too!I went from soldier to wuss after hearing Pui is coming.

I actually might come now. =o

(Or not.)

dawnbringer: You’ll hafta ask dice for that ride… and i might not even go coz of uni suicidal period lol

see the effect i have in this community?


If you go, you have to be my partner.

(Yes. Cause I suck really bad at AC and no I’m not lying so don’t go there. :rofl:)

That’s such a big lie Herbert.That ABA you showed us rapes.

Not as much rapes at Rae’s Testament. Also, that’s a lie and, you know it. :shake:

oh shit pui is reachin to sauga. epic! x-sap is scared of my testa that why hes not comin. he has no such assignments. if pui is comin u shud reach too. sauga ggxxac our too hype