G3Evolution 2v2 GGXXAC, Sat. Mar. 29th - Miss. Ont

Pui shouldnt be allowed to play if hes not playing slayer or zappa get that scrubby johny out of here :stuck_out_tongue: lol jk wow holy shit i cant believe pui is coming to sauga, infact i dont believe it at all. 2 make matters more interesting, there is rumours julian is coming… rumours. One things is for sure, random vv’s will get tossed a hard rape lol.

Dice is so scared of jabir and … combo that hes driving all the way to scarb to get pui, jokes.

Stay Humble.

Lmao that’s the truth. Testament owns me. :crybaby:

Yeah, cause we all know his Testament brings all sorts of homo. =(

what part of magic dont you understand? =S

so says the guy who claims to not play guilty gear and magically plays aba… i will never let this go lolol

Of corse Im scared, after i saw this [media=youtube]v4kkzX_3Fwc[/media] , who wouldnt be :pray:

Dice bringing the lulz. :rofl:

lawl, jabir is too beastly

anyway, time to kill the (tourney) hype =(

I’ve procrastinated too much on shit and it seems like its finally time to pay the price this week n next week, since i just realized school ends in 3 weeks lol.

I’ll still see if i can make it, but chances are low coz i probably hafta do some group work on sat, no confirmations yet tho.

i’ve hyped the thread for 3 days and it got more posts than it did for 3 weeks = =b

the tourney dies! =(

Nice going, Pui. :shake:

(PS. I’ve also procrastinated.) =(

fucking jabir didnt record our other matches -.- haha dice bastard hahahahaha 12-7am games and only 1 fucking match recorded lol ballz lol fucking bastard dice!

lol i called it pui is LIES!

lol i know, everybody calls me a scammer or a cheater. My existance is such a lie.

The irony of it is, you being a scammer, cheater and your existence being a lie is TRUE. =o

i knew pui wudnt come… he cant handle sauga hype. if ur a man, u will be there!

na pui is like joe’s mom, he’s scared of black people. (all jokes aside i hope u do come cause it will be nice to get you in a social situation outside of LG).

that makes it sound like i have no friends outside of LG =(
wait a minute
i met you all at LG, how does coming help me get out of this social situation??? lol

(i have friends at uni btw :party:)

imaginary ppl dont count…

lol for the record i think i 1st met u was at k2’s condo tourny, where i last arc’d you with nanaya for a beautiful finish (yes i had to include that in my post) =)

i’d post the vid of it BUT gaytube deleted my account (fukn assholes) :lame:

Pui doesn;t disapoint, only in life, he’ll go, becuase some buffalo heads said theyre goin to reach for this so I dont think hed wanna miss out on this

niceee, gotta mash up some fresh faces.

lol dice you gunna get kief before the tourny :smokin:

WORD BUFFALO! i heard they are good with controllers

here’s a random quiestion out of no where. where in the world do u guy meet up and play in missisauga?? are there even arcades in missisauga anymore??

yea, cant make it =( coz i gotta suicide uni on saturday

i’ll still be at LG tonight tho! that’ll never change =D

edit: i wont even be at LG coz k2/tony not going lol

sad sad week