G3Evolution 2v2 GGXXAC, Sat. Mar. 29th - Miss. Ont

g3 HQ

email me for details


Pui,suicide today (since you’re not doing anything but DotA anyways) so you can come tomorrow!I still need a partner since everyone is taken. =(

Thats the dumbest logic ever… I cant come 2morrow cause im doing school work i could be doing 2day but im going to LG. P.S. im not going to lg but i still cant come tomorrow. Originally Posted by ZeroFalcon

no LG tonight since tony/k2 not going =( its dota timee

I guess we should assume its cause ur shitting away doing something else other then work 2day?

Dawnbringer send dice a PM he doesnt have a partner now since it was supposed to be pui. Me + Jabir, Rae + zek, Tyrant + ?, Dice + ?, dawnbringer + ?, random missasauga slayer guy with hot gf (dice opinion) + herbert???, Buffalo + buffalo, wtf some1 clear up this random ? pairing up shit so we dont have retarded confusion at raes saturday!!!

He’s got GROUP work, as he said before if you people can read. And their group can only meet up tmr. People jump to conclusions like the world is about to end. :rolleyes: Ain’t no problem with logic.

any 3s action at this mysterious top secret g3 HQ place? i’m just looking for some 3s action in mississauga, other then going far way to places like funland orbit and lovegety

I dont have the attention span for top of page memory, so long ago like days. That’s 2 papers ago. GL wit work. ME = less informed then nazir. W/e i pick on pui to try to make him not forget about the work he has to do, bah dota thats scumbag!. People pick on me for holding friday tournaments :smiley: so nazir can hold friday tournaments

Pui needs to learn how to be in 2 places at once.

And about the teams…here’s what I’m assuming so far:

MDK + Forestblazer
Dice + Jabir
Buffalo crew
Zex + Tyrant

And now here’s the loners:
AGX (assuming he’s playing,which he always says he doesn’t now)
Shuffle (the Slayer guy with the chick)

And we’ll see if anyone brings any friends…like how ForestBlazer usually brings some.

Those teams are already wrong. :lol:

because LG > G3
ohhh shit

nah, nazirs the only one who reads

Yeah, I don’t read.


CCs the only one who doesnt read

ouch… you hurt my feelings :sad:

and i thot we were friends

lol but ur not going to lg 2night u said that, lol ur playing scumbag dota all night.

DotA < G3

Why the fuck am i getting this msg for G3 oyoutube account “This account is suspended.” www.stormberry.tv post ur shit their youtube is fag.

because u dont visit dustloop and see that rae’s account got owned by sony =(

and im kidding about the LG>G3 incase u didnt notice = =