G3Evolution: Arcana Appreciation, Mississauga, ON (10/13/07)

Hey, we’re back and finally getting a tournament and up and going again. We’re holding this tournament to celebrate the console release of Arcana Heart. So, band together and join us for Mississauga G3’s One Year Anniversary! (that we celebrated last month).

G3Evolution’s Arcana Appreciation:
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Date: Saturday, October 13th, 2007
Location: The G3 Underground HQ (Inquire for more details)
Time: 2PM

Main Events:
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (Singles)
Arcana Heart FULL (Singles)

Tournament Entry Fee: $2 Each
Payout: 80/20
Seeding: GGXXAC: By Rank
Arcana Heart: Random Seeds

Tentative Games: 3rd Strike, Melty Blood Ver. B

If enough interest from SRK and by e-mail comes for the following games (minimum of 8 players) we will replace a game and fit these games as a main event. If either of the games becomes a main event, there will also be money pot and entry fee. So, please voice your opinion if you were planning to come out. We will also be having our casual free-for-all, a time to play anyone present in any game you like. (Yes, we also got DAT DOUJINZ, Akatsuki and the like.)

Tournament will take place on console. As well, if you plan on coming, please SHOW UP ON TIME! Not including me. =P But, seriously, it will help us get things in order quickly, or if you’re going to come late, please let us know. It definitely helps in the long run. Thanks!


  • Please bring your own controller/stick
    i) Pads and sticks will be provided, but please do not complain about them.
  • Tournament Structure (Bracket will be created by Tournament Maker)
    i) 2/3 Matches
    ii) 3/5 Semis and Finals
    iii) Double Elimination
  • Button mapping is allowed/Macros is allowed
  • No turbo controllers
  • Standard Tournament Rules apply

Please either post in this topic, contact myself or MDK (Badguy00) for more information. G3Evolution celebrating it’s 2nd year in the making! For contact information and other useless crap, please visit: http://www.g3-evolution.tk. More info will be added to this post when necessary. Please post or e-mail if you plan on attending! Very important!

Underground HQ ftw.

Herb; is it OK if I dropped by? I have plans in Brampton that night and wouldn’t mind burning my afternoon playing a few games with you guys. I haven’t got a clue how to play Arcana or Melty Blood but I at least pretend to know how to play GGAC and 3S.

Of course, Justin. Don’t even have to ask if it’s okay for you to drop by. =D Don’t worry, none of us know how to play Arcana either.

i know how to play arcana heart =D press A > B > C… 3 hit bnb combo ftw LOL
you guys dont know about the UNDERGROUND HQ, too beastly! only sauga’s finest play there, support the underground and come out for all newcomers who need details and directions email me

flimzee00@gmail.com or add me to msn holla_back_yall@hotmail.com

Keep it hype, hope this goes well for you and a lot of people come out for Arcana

Try to get some vids!

Thanks bud, I appreciate it.

Is this at Rae’s? If not I would appreciate directions. If it’s at Rae’s I know my way there.

yup it will be at my place (im rae)

btw do i know you? lol


I should be able to make this.

Josh finally decided to MM me, but in a game he can play and I can’t. But at least we’ll play 3S after. =D

I’ll start by saying, show me those Alpha 2 skills, cause I’ve never played that game in my life. Be prepared to be open your wallet. That’s right, I said it.[/shit-talk]

It’s Justin.

who is justin lol? is he the chipp player that was on raph’s team? otherwise i dunno him

Uh, would saying that’s it’s Nagata help? :rofl:

So our MM is A2 and 3S right? If you want I could practice BBB, MB or that other one so we could MM in that. I just gotta figure out where to dl them from.

ohhhh nagata hahahaha lol i knew his name was justin too but i recall him having a different account

@Jed: your fate will be sealed if you MM in non-capcom game…

I doubt I can make it by 2. Maybe 4-4:30 PM depending on when I get the car.

I was on Raph’s team at T8? Small world.

I’ll tell you one thing though, I was fucking clutch at T8 taking out 2/3 guys in winners and OCV’ing a team in losers despite never playing a game of Accent Core in my life. The look of sheer disgust on Nazir’s face made my joining that tournament worth the while. Who needs to learn the AC engine when I have online #R talent to cut teams up with?

Good times…

Truth. :rofl:

BTW, Justin, you weren’t on Raph’s team, there was just another person who went by the name of Justin and used Chipp. IIRC, you were on Andre’s team.

Is there anything you want me to bring? Like a modded PS2 or a VCR?

:rofl: #R Online is broken.

I’m down for this if anyone from TO is driving, which I highly doubt. =/

Get a ride, foos. :rofl: