G3Evolution Arcana Appreciation Results

Arcana Heart Full (8 entrants)
1st - Dawnbringer (Fiona)
2nd - Shinn (Saki)
3rd - MDK (Maori, Lilica)
4th - Nagata Lock II (Konoha)
5th - Jeebus (Maori)
5th - DaflipmastaXV (Konoha)
7th - AlterGenesis (Kamui, Heart)
7th - JED (Lilica)

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core: (10 entrants)
1st - Dice01 (Faust)
2nd - MDK (Testament, Sol)
3rd - AlterGenesis (Dizzy, Sol, Order-Sol)
4th - Dawnbringer (Anji, Ky)
5th - Shinn (Dizzy)
5th - ZEX (Ky)
7th - Matt (Venom, Johnny)
7th - Shuffle (Slayer)
9th - Drasko (Order-Sol)

AlterGenesis vs JED MM
Alpha 2: JED 4 (Akuma, Charlie) - AlterGenesis (Ken, Chun-Li) 1
3S - AlterGenesis 4 (Yang) - JED (Akuma) 1

Toronto vs Sauga 4v4
Toronto 9 vs Mississauga 8


  • Funny Arcana tournament, everyone with 24-48 hours with the game. So, Fiona’s boss damage runs all our shit.

  • CvS2, side bets. Too beastly.

  • Props to me without any AC practice for not finishing last.

More to add when I get home.

Great time…

  • Thanks to Rae for hosting and Herbert for running the brackets.

  • Thanks to everyone who donated to my CvS2 “$20 vs $1 challenge.” I made $10.

  • Dice01 is so fucking clutch.

  • Arcana Heart was fun. Everyone sucks so it makes for close matches.

  • Good to see the G3 EVO guys. Always lots of laughs and fun matches.

Herbert; DaflipmastaXV tied 5th as well.

I wish we had run more arcana casuals. DAT ARCANA.

CVS2 Sidebets were fucking hilarious.

Does anyone know the easiest way to get the Arcana Heart pre fight music in a MP3? I seriously want to make it my ringtone.


today was hype. arcana heart is too weird for me =S stupid fiona and her nonsense, konoha and her damn fast self, and shinn and his odd tactics lol maori is too grimey tho lol

its always a fukn riot when justin anant and teddy reach! too much hype i fukn love it!

toronto vs mississauga was too hype! next time we’ll bring the pain, tyrant wasnt there

fuck the arcana hearts

fuck cvs2

fuck dice

fuck maori

fuck justin

thats about it.

Damn car accident ruined my evening. But, we had sick 3-way battle in 3S before that though. =D

:rofl: Rae sure does complain a lot for a guy who placed 3rd. Jokes bud… :rofl:

Did you guys tape the Accent Core tourney? Some of it looked like great stuff.

Herb; were you in an accident? Are you OK?

Yeah, we got some the GGXXAC finals like I said. I scrubbed out in the end though.

Yeah, it was a minor scuffle, but I was at the scene until 3AM waiting for the cops to show up and take care of all this business. Just because this girl didn’t look to see me coming. =/

And from now on,that’s “h4xbringer”.

congrats to everybody

glad to see someone using fiona like i do
wheres the lieselotte?

no car to sauga = no pui cheating everybodys money =(

of course im gunna complain! wut is this maddness! fiona spamming one move for everything! AND OTG DMG IS OUTSTANDING ROAR what kills me is it jus looks so stupid yet it seems so hopeless, then one day we will get better and laugh as we kick dawnbringers ass for even tryin those scrub tatics

but f’real i have a weak learning curve, as opposed to those who can learn combos quickly i learn fairly slow and these combos feel a bit out of my league

vids will be up sometime nexx week now its bak to study mode GG everyone! next time more toronto ppl must make it! you guys are seriously missin some hype! no lie no joke!

[16:54] <DatYORIKO> fiona is good at scrub level
[16:54] <DatYORIKO> like godly
[16:54] <DatArcana> jeeebus: fiona is good at beginner leel cuz of ez scrub dmg. so im not surprised


yah keep your cheats at home =)

dice: gj coming 1st in ggac
fiona won AH once again @@"
toronto vs sauga = good shit

I want in on the next AH casual, gotta beast.

Good shit to everyone, that was the funnest G3 tourny i think iv ever been to yet,

toronto vs Sauga 4v4 was pure hype, so much shit talk everywhere it was intense.

Dawn bringin the sword mashing rape in AH, i mite even pik this game up now lol… no car = pui no money to take = free money for dice lol … jkz …

10/10 for realz, thnx to rae for hostin and ggs as well

Dice/nagata owns teddy/anant in CvS2, free money !!

gotta plan another hype event i know how to play AH now =O hurray for scrubbed out tactics FTW seriously join the G3 hype you dont know what your missin!

i know what im missing

a car :confused: