G3Evolution: Infinity HYPE I - Official Results Thread (SFIV/MBAA/STHD/KOFXII)

August 29, 2009
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
G3Evolution’s Major Tournament
Infinity HYPE I
Tournament Thread: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=195119
Website: www.g3-evolution.tk

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who supported our first major tournament. I have been really inspired by the large community that has emerged from Mississauga and to the communities that drove down from further off. This tournament could not have gone better.

The Results:

1st - AlterGenesis (Kyo, Robert, Chin)
2nd - TSF (Joe, Goro, Kyo)
3rd - Johnny (Kim, Ash, Kyo)
4th - Yasanagi (Clark, Robert, Ryo/Kyo)
5th - Yucorp (Kyo, Joe, Robert)
5th - Jason (Kim, Terry, Ash/Athena)
7th - Kevin (Ralf, Ash, Kyo/Terry)

1st - Simon (C-Nanaya)
2nd - ZeroFalcon (H/C-Akiha)
3rd - MDK (H-Roa, C-Warachia)
4th - AlterGenesis (F-S.Akiha, H-VSion, F-Arcueid)
5th - Tim (F-Ren)
5th - KAAI (F-Kouma)
7th - Mysta (C-Ciel)
7th - K2 (C/F-Miyako)
9th - Tyrant (C/F-Nero Chaos)
9th - ZEX (H-Ryougi, C-Kouma)
9th - Kellfire
9th - ChrisB2

1st - Psychochronic (Dictator, Chun-Li)
2nd - JED07 (Guile, Claw, Honda, Dictator)
3rd - Dogberry (Boxer, Ryu)
4th - Mihan (Honda, Chun li)
5th - Yasanagi (Blanka, Dictator, Claw)
5th - DioBrando (Claw)
7th - Magus (Dee Jay)
7th - Tsuroka (Boxer)

STREET FIGHTER IV (35 entrants)
1st - Rebelo (Guile)
2nd - UltraCalvin
3rd - SacoJericho
4th - Traininho
5th - Ryan
5th - LedHendrix
7th - Moshtaba
7th - Darthpaul1982
9th - HeishenConcept
9th - JED07
9th - SkyWalker
9th - Proteus
13th - John Nguyen
13th - Alex
13th - DAGED
13th - nGuman
17th - Reviticus
17th - Psychochronic
17th - ItalDaniel
17th - Angel of Rage
17th - Markooz
17th - Tsuroka
17th - RXS
17th - Richard
25th - Dien
25th - Chris
25th - Griff
25th - Universal
25th - The.Fear
25th - Mysta
25th - CountBlackula
25th - Adriel
33rd - The.Pain
33rd - JesseJabz
33rd - Corey


  • Again, thank you everyone for the support today. If you don’t know who I am, I was the Asian guy with the black hat and the “I’m huge in Japan” T-shirt. You have my thanks for showing up today.

  • RXS for running a great SFIV tournament.

  • JED07 for being my partner for the planning for this entire event. I definitely could not have done it without him.

  • Kellfire, Broly2012, RXS, Psychochronic and MDK for bringing the equipment we did have.

  • Now, I would like to apologize to Dustloop/Toronto community. We definitely were strapped for equipment and with SFIV as big as it was, it was definitely a HUGE disappointment on my end to not be able to get BB to run earlier. I was trying my best, but we all were pretty tired/hungry when I DID want to take BB registrations and I knew you guys wanted to head home. So, I again, I apologize for trying to get started way later then expected, I think it was about 8:30PM or so and you guys were damn tired of waiting. I will make it up to you guys in the future.

I will be fielding all comments and suggestions on SRK and Dustloop for the next few days.

See you at Infinity HYPE II!

GGS to everyone Great tourney!

G3 Infinity Hype Street Fighter IV Tournament Results

1 Rebelo
2 Calvin
3 Saco Jericho
4 Traininho
5 Bryan
5 LedHendrix
7 Mosh
7 Darthpaul1982
9 HeishenConcept
9 Jed07
9 SkyWalker
9 Proteus
13 John Nguyen
13 Alex
13 Nguman
17 Reviticus
17 Psychochronic
17 Italdaniel
17 Angel Of Rage
17 Markooz
17 Tsuroka
17 RXS
17 Richard
25 Dien
25 Chris
25 Griff
25 Universal
25 The.Fear
25 Mysta
25 Countblackula
25 Adriel
33 The.Pain
33 JesseJabz
33 Corey

GGs to everyone in ST, STHD and BB casuals.

Herb, its understandable what happened, hope to see what you have in store.

Good shit, Calvin.

good shit Buddah secret casuals training payed off for Rebelo and Calvin

MOSH TABA - 7th place?!?!?!?!?!?!

random guile guy who lost to me 3-0 came in 1st?!?!?

GGs to all I played. Well run and fun tournament I look forward to IH2.

Who beat Mosh in winners and losers?

Good shit Matt. You’re a monster.

Great tourney, Melty Blood was so hype!
Infinite hype #2 needs to happen soon!

Leveling up as MB tourney went on ftw!! GGs to all i played, was really fun and hype. Hopefully toronto will actually start playing this game more seriously and get a better crowd, then we can do something with MB until the next game comes out and G3 just goes off and plays that lol.

BB Bashing is left on dustloop boards. No need to bring it here to ask for flame.

yes js im a random guile guy and your 1 in 1OOOOOOOOOOOOO balrogs around must be nice to say im 5OOO best balrog in the world …

and yes you did beat me 3 in a row that day at powns no biggy to me love to do it again sum time

Huge props to the Rebelo and Calvin… And some props to the saco. lol

GS Rebelo on your first tourney win, you know you’re getting good when the haters start building.

You guys should have recorded the MB matches.

Can someone post the brackets for SF4?

thanks gerjay good stuff man hear you one a tip at your tourny and yea trust me hater can hate its ok … most of them wish they could pick up a low teir guy and say there good … i jsut luv it when the oddds are againest me it makes winning just that much sweeter

Starting to put up MBAA footage on my channel.


Should have the rest up later.

AGX: Don’t see no delete function on the first thread I created so I’ll just edit first post to link to this thread, k?

i don’t know what happened man whenever i tried my combos they always came out late so i don’t really care next time I’m getting my tv cause im used to playing on that no matter Rebelo’s Guile had the best match up against players he won and i’m happy :wonder:

i lost to calvin and some random sagat guy man i was unhappy the way i played but i don’t really care ill always have my off days

GGs to everyone

After being able to watch most of the matches yesterday with my own eyes (for once in my damn directing career!) I’d have to say everyone is getting a lot better. Every match was tight.

Darthpaul: Good shit your Ryu got worlds better. LOL at options select tatsu arguements at Mcdonalds at 12am.

Mosh: you had mind lag, thats why your combos didn’t work. LOL Also random Sagat guy wasn’t Random. He was pringles… LOL actually he was on Marvin’s team for SF4 at TX and they did really well. His Sagat was extremely solid.

Rebelo: good shit, i can’t believe i was like one hit away from beating you in winners too. Crazy shit. Guile Army FTW

Tatenda: WTF.

Nguman: You’re the best!

Herb: Thanks for organizing this. Had a great time, and personally one of my BEST directed SF4 tourneys. Not a single stoppage in matches all day! Also, I heard you like penis LOL

JED07: You’re the best! thnx for organizing!

Who won BB ?