G3Evolution March Madness Results

STREET FIGHTER ALPHA 3 (15 entrants)
1st - Jeebus (A-Chun, V-Sim, V-Akuma)
2nd - Kevin (V-Akuma, A-Gen)
3rd - JED (A-Charlie, A-Akuma)
4th - Badguy (A/V-Akuma)
6th - Noodleman (V-Gief)
6th - Epsilon (X-Adon, X-Vega, A-Blanka)
8th - Psychochronic (V-Mika, V-Sakura)
8th - ZEX (A-Ken)
12th - DaFlipMastaXV (A/V-Ryu)
12th - Dawnbringer (A-Karin)
12th - Tyrant (A-Ryu)
12th - Kiggz (A-Ryu)
15th - King Koopa (A-Ryu)
15th - AlterGenesis (V-Ryu, V-Cammy)
15th - Abduc (A-Akuma, A-Ryu)

1st - Dice01 (Ken, Yun, Dudley)
2nd - Badguy (Alex)
3rd - King Koopa (Yun)
4th - AlterGenesis (Ken, Chun-Li, Ryu, Makoto)
6th - Abduc (Ryu)
6th - Psychochronic (Chun-Li, Ryu)
8th - Kiggz (Ken)
8th - JED (Akuma, Ken)

GUILTY GEAR XX SLASH (11 entrants)
Not Eliminated:
Dice01 (Faust)
Badguy (Sol)
Tyrant (Sol)
Zex (Ky)
AlterGenesis (Order-Sol)

Forest Blazer (Testament) (DQ - Had to leave)
Adrian (Dizzy) (Same deal)
Sleepy (Sol)
Dawnbreaker (Anji)
Evil (Slayer)
Psychochronic (Eddie) (3S organize)


  • I don’t have the bracket right now, so I’m just posting this from memory, I’ll fill in the rest when I get the bracket from Badguy.

  • Anant preparing himself for his money match with Justin. Anant is calling you out, my friend. You were too scared to show up because he would beat you. Jeebs wins!

  • I am never directing all 3 tournaments. I never had a moment to sit down, things took way too long and I could never actually play without someone calling my name. Next time, someone direct another game, thanks.

  • 3rd Strike got started really late, and at that point I was already kind of pissed off, so, 3S didn’t really have the amount of entrants it could have. People just disappeared by then. So, it’s all good.

  • Aplologies to Slash players, we got some matches in, but due to unavoidable circrumstances, we couldn’t finish. Stuff got really screwy and brackets were being messed. Oh well, lesson learned. Glad to know guys had fun, and Alpha 3 was the success of the night.

  • Except, I lost because the TV broke in the middle of my V-ism with a tick of life left on Tyrant and the match had to be scrapped. (Everyone saw it. LOL.) Overall, not the greatest day for me, could never really get into playing. Props to all those who came out and I hope you can support us in the future. Much a lesson learned today.

I played sloppy.

LOL, don’t worry. I only played a little above scrub-level. Sad, really. :sweat:

Fucken Noodlescrub.

For Sparta

Noodleman says: I dined in hell. It was good.

Great tourney guys; thanks for hosting.

Highlights include Herberts scammy hat. He drew out the names for the brackets from a hat, me and Teddy get matched up in A3. And GGXX. When it comes to pick a buy, guess who’s name comes out?! HERBERT. Except he turned it down. :rofl:

Dice: Something about fireballs
Dice: Uhh…no?
Me: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Noodleman: Hey TEDDY NO HOMO!!!
Teddy: Wha?

Turns out Teddy was grabbing onto Noodles leg, thinking it was the couch.

Everyone: :rofl: :lol: :rofl: :lol:

EDIT: Also, I used V-Akuma and A-Chun. V-Sim for one round, which I lost anyway.

EDIT EDIT: Herb, I saw the thing with the TV, and yeah, it sucked (in a hilarious way). You blew the next two because you were hella pissed, it’s understandable though, we’ve all done the same shit.

Don’t forget when he used the same fucking hat for GGXX, and guess who had to play Anant AGAIN.

Spicy Bites > 3s.

Fuck that couch.

Man, everyone saw I got random people to pick the names too. Don’t blame my hat. :arazz:

I blame the hat.

Its all about hte smash tourney that happened at the same time in Sauga. Secret sauga players FTW.

Those guys are snakes. (Long story.) You stink, Gerjay. You don’t support the scene. =/

scam. How is it not tied for 5th instead of 6th?

gg everyone, thanks Rae for hosting.

edit: i blame the hat and herb’s scammy brackets that i didn’t make it to winners finals.

:rolleyes: Congratulations :rolleyes:

So we’re good $100 match at T8?

:rolleyes:Don’t cry because you couldn’t come and get 3rd.:rolleyes:

And yeah.

when did kevin use a-gen? anwyays kevin is gay for his tiime out wins, i suck for play in like a fag against him tho…

joke of the day…
“Yo man you suck…”
"who said that?!?!“
"Yo who is this guy?!?!”

lol herb and the scammy hat oh man! lol thats sum rigged shit, dat shits like magic

@P-Chron - lol i heard what you whispered to Dice… thats why i had to absolutely win =D

teddys homo
@noodle: hope u using the glove man! LOL
also thnx for helping with brackets and directing

I felt confident due to Herb’s magic hat that I had the only bye in the bracket. And you had to unleash the pad you bastard!

And the highlight of the day was when Tatenda didn’t show up after he calls us 2 hours in advance and we though he might’ve gotten lost.


Edit: Herb, I eliminated Dawnbringer’s A/V-Karin, I’m tied with him? IIRC, Teddy eliminated Andre so that means me and Teddy are tied for 7th. Please clarify.

I don’t have the bracket. I was just making shit up. Once I get the bracket, I’ll fix it.

i’ll scan the brackets sometime today, go D-Pad FTW. raging demon victory is awesome too =D

this was a definate amazing turn out, one of the better G3 events so far

For next time the tornament should really start at a fixed time so we can get all 3 games in

lol @ Anant, I guess Issac was expectin me to know lol

and a big F U To that VV bitch … lol …

v mika and gief are fukin beastly

I have a defenite idea of how to get the tournaments running on time. (Which may include me no longer playing in tournaments.) Like I said, much a lesson learned. 2 simultaneous TVs running the same game is the best way to go.