G3Evolution Presents: April Showers of Pain (4/28/07)

G3Evolution Presents: April Showers of Pain (4/28/07) (GGXXS/MBAC/T5)

This is still a tentative date, as Rae has told me what he has in mind, but this is just to let you know, to free up some time in the end of April for some more G3Evolution. Last tournament turnout was awesome and we expect the same this time. Things will run a lot quicker this time and we hope that the Toronto community will join us.

G3Evolution April Showers of Pain:
April 28, 2007 - Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Main Tournaments:
Guilty Gear XX Slash
Tekken 5
Melty Blood: Act Cadenza

Depending on interest and number of entrants, Guilty Gear XX Slash, may be considered a 2 on 2 tournament. In addition, if you play Tekken 5, and have memory, please bring your memory card to play the game. Lastly, if you play Melty Blood, this is another chance to participate in a tournament. Come out and support. (We would love to play Dark Resurrection, but that option is not open to us at this time.)

Prelims: 2/3 - Double Elimination
Semi: 3/5
Final: 4/7

GGXX/ will be bracketed according to G3Evo seeds. Newcomers will be given random seeds.

For other G3 information and details: http://www.g3-evolution.tk

This is a console tournament, we will have sticks and pads provided, but don’t complain if the ones we provided are not up to par. We encourage you to bring your own sticks/pads to this tournament. We allow button configuration, to be done before the match starts. No switching after the fact.

Location is also tentative, details to be given as the date draws near. If you are confirmed to go, you will most likely be contacted with details.

At the current time, entry is FREE. I have not discussed anything with Rae, so I will not say if we will switch to paid entry. Of course, you are free to set up money matches before and after tournament games. So, free up some time at the end of April and join us! It’s going to be madness.

EVENT - G3Evo April Showers of Pain
DATE - April 28th 2007
TIME - Casuals start at 12:00PM, Tournaments start 2:00PM
FEATURED GAMES - Guilty Gear XX Slash, Melty Blood Act Cadenza, Tekken 5
LOCATION - My house (Rae aka The Badguy) (if you know the directions feel free to come, if you’ve been here before then i already know who you are =)

Email me confirming your attendance and you will receive an email with directions.

During the tournament both TVs will be used for the tournaments to speed up the process. Both TVs will have VCRs for recording. If you wanna play casuals show up on time or play them after the tournaments


Guilty Gear XX Slash

  • default time (99secs)
  • 2 rounds
  • prelims 2/3
  • semis 3/5
  • finals 4/7
  • brackets done by rank
  • can set controls before match
  • macros allowed
  • double elimination

Melty Blood Act Cadenza

  • ver.b
  • default time (90secs)
  • 2 rounds
  • prelims 2/3
  • semis 3/5
  • finals 4/7
  • double elimination
  • random brackets
  • can set controls before match
  • macros allowed

Tekken 5

  • default time (60secs)
  • 3 rounds
  • prelims 2/3
  • semis 3/5
  • finals 4/7
  • double elimination
  • random brackets
  • can set controls before match
  • macros allowed

All the matches will be taped and be placed on G3Evolution Youtube account!

Bring your A+ game or else get scrubbed! IPWNWITNANAYA watch out!

I’ll show up. What does this start? The earlier, the better.

Just as a heads up, the majority of Sauga SF is going to CasinoRama this day and will be unlikely to attend.

Yeah, I was aware of that, but a lot of the Sauga SF don’t play these games anyway.

My last tourney b4 I go off to Brantford forever…
Don’t worry though I’ll just break my brothers head after we get a car and make him drive me to sauga during the summer.

thats sad to hear =( hopefully you’re brother will drive you lots of good games man seriously

dont we still have to finish the slash tourny from before ?

We kind of through that one out the window. The reason we’re running Slash again is to make up for that one.

looking for someone to give me a ride

mbac marcos makes u broken in the game

im up… if i get a ride

I’m down if anyone from TO is going and offering rides~

I hope you guys show up early!

ps. Don’t mess with Joe.

Someone give these men rides. LOL. We would really enjoy having them. I’m gunning for setting up an audio system and a mic for final rounds. Should be fun.

sounds fun indeed
so… ppl from TO that needs a drive

we wont disappoint u for mbac =P

DAMN RIGHT!!! :devil:

Edit: Oh yeah, I’ll come too.

i noe about ur secret training LOL i got homecourt advantage i cant lose! IPWNWITNANAYA lol

where is FTK?

i actually havent been playing mbac because AC came to an arcade and im having my exams now, as a matter of fact, i shouldnt go to the tournament coz i should study but mbac competition is hard to come by =P
right, i’ll ask FTK if he wants to come too… lol uhh anybody driving a van or something and can give us a lift then? lol. Coz Ky-ant (another chaos -_-) might come as well.
so in the end, it might end up

wtf lol

Will you guys be running A3 again at some point. Working that weekend so won’t be able to attend this one but might be interested if you guys run another A3 thing.

yah eventually, sometime soon in the distant future lol.