G3Evolution: Return of the Evolution Results (MBAC/3S/GGAC) [1/26/08]

January 26, 2008
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
G3Evolution: The Return of the Evolution: Tournament Thread
Website: http://www.g3-evolution.tk

Melty Blood Act Cadenza Ver.B2 (8 entrants)
1st - AlterGenesis (Sion Tatari, Shiki Tohno)
2nd - MDK (Shiki Nanaya, Warachia)
3rd - Tyrant (Nrvnsqr Chaos)
4th - Mel (Satsuki, Ciel, Red Arcuied, Akiha Vermilion)
5th - ZEX (Shiki Tohno)
5th - Psychochronic (Nrvnsqr Chaos)
7th - Shuffle (Hisui & Kohaku)
7th - Dawnbringer (Arcuied, Ciel)

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (19 entrants)
1st - Dice01 (Ken, Dudley, Chun-Li, Ryu)
2nd - Metaf4 (Remy, Alex, Q, Dudley)
3rd - Bill307 (Makoto)
4th - Dre (Remy, Alex, Ken)
5th - Psychochronic (Necro, Urien, Ryu)
5th - JED (Akuma)
7th - mtran66 (Dudley, Ken)
7th - Team Jeebus [DaDesiCanadian (Remy, Elena) / MDK (Alex) / Tyrant (Ken)]
9th - AlterGenesis (Yun, Yang)
9th - Dawnbringer (Ryu)
9th - Team !WB! [!WB! (Ibuki) / ZEX (Ken)]
9th - Shuffle (Yun)
13th - Hisham (Ryu)
13th - Clarity&Confucius (Elena)
13th - Nelly (Hugo)
13th - Dogberry (Akuma, Yun)

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (13 entrants)
1st - Dice01 (Faust)
2nd - Tyrant (Sol)
3rd - Clarity&Confucius (May, Axl)
4th - Dawnbringer (Anji)
5th - MDK (Axl, Sol)
5th - ForestBlazer (Axl, Testament)
7th - AlterGenesis (Dizzy, Sol, Order-Sol)
7th - ZEX (Ky)
9th - Shuffle (Slayer)
9th - Metaf4 (Sol, Potemkin)
9th - Ryan (Potemkin)
9th - MisaMeka (Ky, Sol)
13th - Nelly (Chipp)
13th - MokaMoka (Millia-Rage)


  • Well, this was one of the best turnouts for any G3Evolution Tournament since our Alpha 3 Tournament last year. We are on the uprise! This was an awesome tournament for me to shake off the bugs I got, since I haven’t been able to play any fighting games for over a month. I consider myself lucky to not have finished last. Thanks for coming out everyone!

  • Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Madness. Although, I might not want to play anymore, this game was still crazy hype. Props to all those who participated and for sticking around. I got to meet a lot of new people. 3rd Strike had a couple of collaborative efforts since !WB! and Jeebus had to dip early.

  • I had to leave before the Sauga vs Toronto 5 on 5 in Guilty Gear Accent Core finished. Unfortunately, I had to play to fill out the roster. Let me know how that finished as soon as someone gets the chance.

  • Bill; for playing those Arcana Heart Full matches with me. I hadn’t played AHF in an EVEN longer time and now I remember why I love that game so much.

As soon as I sit down and rest, I’ll find more to say. Thanks again everyone for the successful tournament! Some of the videos that were taken will be up on Youtube and Direct Download as soon as possible.

Fun tourney. A lot of screaming and hype that had everyone laughing. I recorded a few casual sets (Arcana Heart, Rival Schools, Anniversary Edition) before the tourney started, I’ll put those on my Youtube in a day or two. Jamal is the future. He sends Dice to losers 2-0 and Dice comes back in grand-finals 4-2, 4-3.


Thanks for organizing this, guys: it was a lot of fun.

Arcana Heart Full made the whole trip worth it. Every time I play that game, I love it even more :lovin:. (no pedo)

Tyrant Is Fukn Magic Hold Dat!!!

Fun times. Wish I could have stayed for the tourney but wasn’t able.

You guys are really into it…hearing the room roar when I got hit by that 720 in casuals was beast.

Anant fears Ibuki taunt…not even his super can stop it. :lol:

I quit 3S after that.

Good times. Sorry I had to leave early.

EX-HISHAM is too powerful. Not even Dice01 can handle it.

Who did mtran lose to?

Bill307 and me. :smile:

Now I feel bad for getting a nice haircut, eating two nice meals at a Chinese restaurant and going shopping with my folks in Markham Village instead of coming to this tourney.

5A -> 5B -> 5C xx 236 A+B

The key to winning in AHF. :rofl:

The results of the Toronto vs Sauga 5 on 5 were like this:

Toronto 5,Sauga 2

Ryan(Potemkin) defeats Shuffle(Slayer)
Ryan(Potemkin) loses to Altergenesis(Dizzy)
Dawnbringer(Anji) defeats Altergenesis(Dizzy)
Dawnbringer(Anji) defeats Zex(Ky)
Dawnbringer(Anji) defeats MDK(Sol)
Dawnbringer(Anji) loses to Tyrant(Sol)
Forestblazer(Testament) defeats Tyrant(Sol)

And btw,I also used Ky for earlier matches in GGXX:AC and Ibuki/Ryu for Third Strike.

Edit: Forestblazer says he can sleep now from the nightmares of being VVed everywhere by Tyrant in T8.:lol:

Hahah, at least I won one outta 3 against the person who ended up winning it.

It was some really hype shit haha.

it great see alot of new faces! i hope everyone can make it again when we have our next tournament.

oh yeah Metaf4 if you can upload those vids ur recorded 2 ur phone i gotta see that shit link it up here!

joke of the tourny: how fuk do you fight magic?!

G3Evo - Where we bring the hype NOT the hate!

“G3Evo - Where we bring the hype NOT the hate!”

Thats right stay humble.


“yo man i got 40$ right now lets money match next week at lovegetty” lol

“… i was just trying to be humble…”

too jokes

Thanks to Rae for hosting…forgot to add that in my first post.

casuals have been posted up. tourny vids shud be up sometime this week. gg to all and thnx for comin out

fucking great tournament rae. Whats up this week with casuals :open_mouth: fiending for more matches against tyrant

GG’s everyone, best and biggest G3 tourney yet!

Looking forward to future hyped up tourneys. Next time I won’t disappoint with my Akuma. I got all my computer parts set up so I’ll be online soon to play ST and 3S and such.

Wakeup KKZ hype and Tyrant Magic ftw!

Btw thank you Rae for once again hosting a tourney and to both you and Herb for organizing the brackets and stuff and to everyone else to coming out to play.

Also my apologies to WB! for not giving him a ride, cuz I was unable to get on MSN the last few days so I didn’t know you wanted to come.

My car getting hit in the front end by another car in the parking lot of the Gas station where Altergenesis had his accident last year was just bs. Rae your neighbourhood hates G3 vehicles. Also me getting lost in Waterloo for like an hour after dropping Bill off was just too beastly:clown:. I’m starting to hate Southern Ontario and it’s one way streets and streets ninja name changing and zigzaging and all that crap:looney:.

Lastly Rae, did you happen to find one of the lens from my sunglasses in your basement, because I must’ve lost em during the all the comotion.

It’s legal to park right outside Rae’s house, dunno why you would want to park at that gas station if there’s space outside. (Unless you were driving on your way back or something)

lol shouldve come for the 5v5