"g3nn missed the dykes march down his street for Cyrus' stupid tourney" Results

  1. Gerjay
  2. g3nn
  3. Sean
  4. DarkDragon
  5. Mihan
  6. Quan
  7. Adil
  8. LOC
  9. Cyrus
  10. Yuhin
  11. Cito
  12. Howard
  13. DF
  14. Dice

3S cancelled due to broken button. Everyone ties for 1st. 1st at York. Autospot.


:confused: Who’s Mihan? :confused:

:rolleyes: I can’t believe this pulled down 14 entrants. :rolleyes:


HAHAHA the over under was staged at 10.5. Wow


good shit to everyone
this is the first tournament in marvel ever where i actually beat someone.
and it just so happened to be someone ive never beaten before :smiley:

lost 10 bucks on the finals. gerjay picks NOW to start the rape.


Since there was no 3S, no spicy bites.


i need to pratice cable again. i cant do tigerknee ahvb. =(


any vids?


i thought the winner was ryan…


Guess who was seeded first in 3S?


So by tournament seedings, I win 3S at York’s triple-godlike-penetration-that-just-happens-to-be-on-dyke-march-day tournament!


Shaun, not Sean.


how does gerjay seed 1st in 3s ??


i put him there so hed get a by, guaranteeing me playing him

it was all a ploit for me to get the free 3s money.
as for anyone in toronto except js:
3/5 for 10 in 3s/marvel/cvs2. must take all bets.


only cause i wasnt there, my ECC placing speaks for iself

how rape was marvel finals


it was quite rape.


ill take up on those 3 games next time I see u :pleased:


hahah fuck i totally forgot about ratio1
but i cant back out so ok np we’ll do it

but from now on everyone but js and roger lolol