G4 at EVO

Is anyone else really bothered by this? It’s nice that they’re hyping up EVO and getting it more popular and well-known, but to be honest, 90% of the time, unless it’s like Halo or Call of Duty, they don’t know shit about the games they discuss.
I really don’t want to hear Olivia Munn confronting Daigo and asking questions like how he hadoukens so fast.

what was that channel that came to evo several years ago and just talked shit on everyone they interviewed? I think that will happen lololol

yes it was lol

Apparently Level-Up is still involved, so maybe everyone should stop worrying and be grateful that something like this is happening at all.

just wait til they interview one of the hundreds of fat ugly guys holding a TE stick in one hand and a big gulp in the other and see how great SF looks while he talks to some moderately attractive girl with a microphone about frame traps and vortexes

I’m still optimistic and hoping that G4 will take a backseat and kind of leave it to LevelUp, but I really wish it was just LevelUp, they do such a good job with streams, and they know what they’re doing, and I don’t think we needed to change that.

I thought it was Gametrailers…EVO 2006.

Yeah…I just watched some footage of the Gametrailers coverage of EVO2k6, I really don’t want to see that again.

You have to assume that with the G4 coverage comes G4’s input into production. That means who the commentators are, what they can say, etc etc.

The fact that the stream will be on G4’s web site and not the actual TV channel gives hope that some of the ridiculous will still be there, but don’t expect to hear any swearing or trash talking on stream. This will be as professional as it possibly can. This is probably their one big chance to get ssf4 onto TV and into the heavy mainstream.

Hopefully the level-up guys can preserve the grassroots element of sf streams.

Are people really bitching about this? This is GREAT news, if you want your game to be unpopular then you’re being selfish and retarded.

i wouldnt mind seeing Olivia Munn in a Chun-Li costume.

I hope they use commentators from the community…

Ok can someone explain this part for me

Does this mean SSF4 top 8 will be shown G4’s actual channel? Which I’m sure would include some editing and hopefully pre and post match interviews.

I’d love more publicity, but I am greatly worried that the scene will be poorly portrayed, like you can see in Gametrailers’ coverage of EVO 2006 where they zoom in on people’s asscracks and basically make fun of competitors. I’ve seen a lot of non-professionalism come out of people like Olivia Munn (the horrid display she put on at E3 with David Jaffe and Twisted Metal), and I would absolutely hate to see that happen to the great community we have here.

That is not happening. G4 has left Evo with total creative control over the stream, and we’re bringing in Level Up to produce it.

You should never hear swearing or over the top trash talking on an Evo stream, whether G4 is involved or not. That’s not the kind of stuff that I want at an Evo event.

By the way, the G4 guys that are involved are all fans of Street Fighter and Evo. They have watched previous Evos on the stream and on YouTube. They “get it.” I’m incredibly happy to be working with G4 for Evo 2010.

Okay, thank you inkblot for assessing the doubts and worries I had, I’m very relieved now, I was worried, since this is my first EVO, I didn’t want Olivia Munn and G4 in general ruining it for me. This sounds very promising now.

Basically in 100% agreement here, thanks inkblot

Inkblot is on top of his game… maybe the real competitor for EVO has finally shown himself

It sucks that it’s premiering on the 20th though. By that time I imagine anybody who actually cares would have already watched the live stream and/or read about all the results/madness.

Then this is going to be the best stream ever produced. It’s always a worry when big companies get involved with the small guys, but to hear that you guys have total creative control is fantastic to hear. Thanks for clearing that up.